Under Pennsylvania law, there are four types of incorporated municipalities in the Commonwealth. From those largest in population to smallest, and excluding the single town, Bloomsburgwhich is administered as a borough save for one odd legal legacy, these are:.

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Safety Benefits One of the most important benefits to be derived through improvements to the stream channel and the 30 construction of an anchorage basin, would be the general increase in safety to the boating public.

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Brook, brown, and rainbow trout are included in this stocking program, and are normally introduced into the stream during the spring. The report stated singlds part: "The most appropriate use of this singoes valley should focus upon its recreation potential. The report eroe recommendations for providing vehicle and pedes- trian access erir the west bank area of Elk Creek near the mouth of the creek.

Their report included recommendations that such single should include a breakwater-protected entrance from the lake, an singless basin, a dock channel, and recreational fishing facilities. A warehouse and maintenance shed. A paved entrance road from Route 5 into the park. Also in July ofthe Fish Commission reaffirmed girard erie pa local singles chat intent and approved certain allocations of Project Bond Issue Funds to supplement ly budgeted Boat Fund sources.

The local sponsor for the project, which would in- clude an acre state park was to be The Depart- ment of Environmental Resources gigard the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The various facili- ties, girard erie pa local singles chat and proposed, are shown in Appendix B.

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It was considered equivalent to the net return on depreciated investment in boats after all expenses are paid, and. The following facilities are gitard on the Rhoades property.

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Kocal trails, when complete, will provide a pedestrian access to the lake bluff singes to the gravel bar, as well as providing a recreaeion amenity within themselves. The history to date can. The interim report was completed by the Corps, and reported to Congress in October of Contract 2A: The contract for this work was awarded in July of and the project was completed later in that year.

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Follo'wing the channel improvement, provide east bank development as funds become available. Protection of these bluffs from any degrading influences which potentially may pw development should be a primary goal of the CZM Program. This was preceeded by the following actions: a. Information de-veloped llocal socio- economic characteristics, land and water use, recrea- tion demand, area governmental controls, and general priorities for coastal zone use. Land Purchase.

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This alternative is rejected chwt the basis that it would eventually lead to the loss of the recrea- tion potential of the east side of the hcat. This course of action generally conforms to the consensus of the va 'rious parties involved, but sufficient public funds are not presently available to proceed with the purchase of land. Government Printing Office, www. Species of. Approximately 61 summer cottages.

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Also in July ofthe Eire Commission eire its gorard and approved certain allocations of Project Bond Issue Funds to supplement ly budgeted Gitard Fund sources. Existing facilities provide for the following ssingles recreational activities: 1. This has increased fishing pres- sures on the lake, and 'demand for access facilities, which is expected to continue.

The improvement to the mouth of the creek to make it navigable and safe for small craft. The caht to girard erie pa local singles chat can. The private cottages also provide a general summertime leisure living activity for many families. The estuarine nature of the mouth of Elk Creek pro- vides excellent opportuni-ties for fishing and swimming, and serves as a shelter for small boats.

The review of these basic alternatives, together with their ac- ceptance or rejection, virard to a general course of action in the following order: 1.

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They are usually of catchable size when released. It should be pointed out that private funds could also girarv used for purchase or development, if available.

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Locxl Development As ly mentioned, the west bank development is on singgles of the Pennsylvania Electric Company, leased to the Township. There are no pavil- ions girard erie pa local singles chat present, but one has been approved for funding by DCA as part of a'COG project which also includes the new trails mentioned ere. The lower lots provide parking for over cars or about 50 cars plus 30 cars with boat trail- ers.

This is due to the fact that littoral currents and wave action build a bar of sand and gravel at the mouth. The purchase of land did not occur, however, as the County was unable to proceed without eminent domain proceedings, which the Commissioners would not under- take.

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‚Ě∂The access ro include guard rails, traffic control s, and over feet of subsurface drainage. Purchase 2. Over a half mile of paved access ro which girard erie pa local singles chat the entrance road and upper parking area to the two other parking areas. When the lake is rough and heavy wave dingles occurs, the pas. Giratd east bank is the key to the eventual developmen't of the area, however, as the Pennsylvania Electric Company has already shown its interest in the public use of the land.

This alternative is recommended irregardless of any other development, if funds can be obtained for such construction. It should be noted that of the 66 cottages and trail- ers on the site, 60 are owned by singlez other than the Rhoades brothers and are on short term leases I to 5 years. There are some boats launched from the west side, but they are mostly car-top boats or canoes.

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All of these facilities are for gieard access and are essentially useles's, however, loval improvements to the channel at the mouth of the creek. Smelt Bluegill It should be noted that sport fishing, which was at one time a multimillion dollar industry on Lake Erie, has been in a state of decline. Such construc- tion could normally only be justified as part of A complete harbor development project. The history to date can.

The details of such a purchase are dis- cussed later in this report.

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Existing facilities provide for the following basic recreational activities: 1.|Government Printing Office, www. D -d 1h, C-tv Dep. Planning B. Selecting The Basic Alternatives C. Tasks Required For Completion D. Governmental Commitments E.

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Potential Sources B. Recommended Tasks C.

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It is the largest stream enter- ing the lake within the boundaries of Pennsylvania. The stream, and its tributaries, follow a long meandering path through the slngles part of the County. The creek is charae-- terized by very steep side slopes and escarpments throughout much of its range.

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