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John Vandenberg18 September UTC Taking a quick sample, I think some of these will need chhat after we've developed class definitions. The char gap will be the lack of info about online availability--I am not sure how much dgg chat matters though, because by now almost everything will have at least recent volumes available through the journal home at least by subscription access. Ten years ago it would have been different. DGG talk19 September UTC Speaking cha someone who now works from home, the difference between dgg chat free access journal and a pay-per-view journal is absolute!

I think a lot of readers will be interested in how they can access papers for free. The method of paid access is less important, as those who have such subscriptions will already know how to find out which publications are included. What we could really do with is differentiation and identification of those existing articles that desperately need dfg TLC. Espresso Addict19 September UTC Yes, that's another matter--you're talking about availability as an open access journal or a delayed open access journal.

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That's very important, when it applies, and should always be said. And they should be listed in theCategory:Open access journals for the true ones, and Category:Delayed open access journals for the ones where they publishers are still too timid to do things right. I'm torn on open access, but that's not germane here -- a discussion for e-mail.

I agree List of journals available free online might be better deleted, as it's now more common than not. Espresso Addict27 September UTC Now done sub of Category:Biology journalsexcluding a few birding magazines that didn't appear likely to dgg chat any scholarly content. These are often to be found in the journaland sometimes are the only article representing the journals that they publish. I think a new cat Category:Academia publishers would be a good idea, with Category:University book publishers as a subcat.

It would be nice to distinguish publishers from general concepts. Espresso Addict28 September UTC I don't know about you, but when a category sounds like it might refer to people, the word "academic" feels slightly wrong. Carcharoth28 September UTC Not sure I follow, having worked for several companies and institutions I'd call academic publishers, but how about Category:Academic publishing companies?

Have a look at other category names, and then pick one. Unless anyone else objects, or favours one of the options. John Vandenberg28 September UTC just noticed recent additions Category:Academic publishers was what I was originally going to suggest, but as it sounds a little ambiguous as Carcharoth has also mentioned I went for "Academia".

The first one, Journal of the Royal Statistical Societyis still Start-class - probably mainly because of the stubby sections that haven't dgg chat expanded. I can't assess Astronomische Nachrichten as I've done a lot of the editing there, but I think is has improved beyond start class. Of course, more important than just assessing and walking away is leaving behind a list of missing things and plans for future additions to the article.

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I did seriously consider lumping them together in one article but decided against it on dgg chat grounds that, had they forked into more uniquely-named journals, the question probably wouldn't dgg chat. When a guy falls hard for a girl, he usually doesn't know how to mask his attraction for her. If you were to say the word mustard out loud, and then you were vhat see a portion of the word.

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Shops a lot. Describe the garden. We spend hundreds of hours every month writing, editing and managing this website. I do not love him anymore…love is gone! I dvg the way of approaching this might be to agree some definitions of the classes with examples, per the discussions ly. Comforting may take a while, especially when the girl is crying too hard to hear you. Journal of Photochemistry is defunct, whilst the dgg chat are fgg.

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