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Zim then expanded its cargo lines and began operating specialized ships such as bulk carriers, refrigerated ships, and tankers. The burning question is why did Zim have to chance the added risks and challenges of fast tracking the development of their Norfolk office to guarantee its completion by Sept.

The company's rapid and successful development attracted the attention of new countries in Africa and Asia, which invited the company to organize and run their shipping.

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Some of the vessels were found suitable for the zim hookups definition of immigrants; others were used to form the Israel navy. Zim operates over 80 vessels of all types.

Unofficial Zionist organizations based in Israel and Jewish communities throughout the world also give aid to Israel operations when needed… Official organizations used for [Israeli intelligence] cover are Israeli Purchasing Missions and Israeli Government Tourist, El Al, and Zim offices, Israeli construction firms, industrial groups and international trade organizations also provide non-official cover.

During the early s Zim faced another financial crisis, but eventually achieved a turnaround. After the establishment of the State of Israel, it became vital to transport immediately the mass of refugees from Europe.

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Hani Hanjour — Saudi pilot hijacker Hani Hanjour arrived for a second time in the US in Aprilthe exact month and year that Jarrah and Shehhi went to Hamburg, suggesting the deep cover operation may have begun as early as then. The ship did not make a sufficient profit and was sold in Supreme control by the future state was ensured in the articles of the company by a governor's share that gave its flirty couple quotes tattoos public-political control.

This is not the expected action of a company that stated their reason to vacate the WTC was to cut costs. By forging passports and identity documents of Arab and western countries and providing sound background legends and cover, Mossad has successfully sent into Egypt and other Arab countries Israelis disguised and documented as Arabs or citizens of European countries.

The passenger service reached its zim hookups definition in when four passenger ships were serving Zim. What difference would six months have made i. An excellent and well referenced article by Paul Thompson in Sept.

Another important field of activity was the operation of tankers carrying oil from Iran to Israel, and petroleum products from Israel to Europe.

Individuals working under deep or illegal cover are normally charged with penetrating objectives that require a long-range, more subtle approach, or with activities in which the Israeli Government can never admit complicity.

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In Zim, for the first time, ordered two new cargo boats. The contradictions and discrepancies with the official story concerning Jarrah are revealing and significant.

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The fast track development process cost Zim more money and added unecessary development risks. Inthe Israeli government sold their interest to the Israeli Ofer Brothers Group, which then became the sole owner of the company.

Apparently, Zim knew they had to be out of the WTC before September 11th, and that is why they did everything in their power to ensure they would be out of the WTC and in their new Norfolk office by Sept.

Zim then merged with Oniyyot u-Sefinot, a branch of the Mosad, the organization for "illegal" immigration, which at the time owned many boats that had been confiscated by the British authorities.


Of these, 27 vessels are fully or partly owned and the rest chartered. In Zim employed 3, sailors and shore employees. One operation required Eli Cohen to take the identity of a Syrian Arab while the other operation required an Israeli Johann Lotz to move to Germany for a couple of years to establish an identity of a German African Corps officer.

In the 25,ton passenger ship ssShalom began service on the Haifa- New York line.

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In several cases they approached citizens of Western European nations under the cover of a national NATO intelligence organization for operations in Arab target countries. He was also in the military of the United Arab Emirates a US ally while attending school in Hamburg from to However, passenger service declined in the s as elsewhere in the world and by Zim owned no passenger ships.

Zim's first ship, purchased in January in partnership with a British company, was the 3,ton Kedmah, which opened a passenger and cargo service between Haifa and Marseilles. The expansion of maritime training facilities accompanied the development of the fleet.

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It just so happens that at least two of the CIs were Mossad operatives and were involved in other US counterintelligence investigations according to various media sources. After the reparations agreement was signed between Israel and West Germany, Zim received purchase credits and, between andordered 18 new ships from German shipyards, including two passenger ships for its European lines, two passenger-cargo ships for the transatlantic line, and one tanker.

The year marked the start of a new era for a leaner, more flexible, and more profitable Zim. In the early s the company constituted an integrated international transportation system, combining a variety of transport-related activities and providing a wide range of services.

Deep cover operatives are often planted years in advance of the execution of an operation and can take on identities and backgrounds to fit the operation. As it appears that Ali helped recruit his brother Yusef as a spy for Israel, it is likely that he could have done the same for his cousin Ziad.

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Thus, one has to look at all other evidence in likely false flag operations to assess involvement and guilt. The management's decision to provide two kitchens on board — one for kosher and the other for non-kosher food — aroused a violent controversy, and eventually Zim had to operate the ship with only a kosher kitchen.

In the early s Zim established zcs — zim Container Service.

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Subsequently Zim had ships built in shipyards in Japan, France, Italy, Yugoslavia, Sweden, and Israel, and by the beginning of the company owned or operated 60 ships with a deadweight of 1, tons.

The national shipping of Ghana and Burma were organized by Zim.

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Zim is not at RHP now, and they may have moved out as early as November If Atta was not the Muslim extremist who believed deeply in his faith, as the US government made him out to be, then who was he?

Zim's ships maintain regular communications with most European countries, the U. The company ordered and built six ships, the first generation of large specialized container ships, as well as shore equipment and containers.