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If you are a producer included in the directory and wish to modify the details on you site splease complete and submit this form. I am immensely proud of what we have achieved in a very short time.

It focuses on reshaping business and economic systems so that waste is 'designed out' of how impersonalni online dating live.

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Important Warning The information about products has been provided by the manufacturers or distributors of the products and is reproduced on this site for general guidance only.

Measures include tough new targets aimed at increasing recycling and cutting down on waste sent to landfill and limiting waste incineration.

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Mr Lochhead said large, inefficient incinerators - which he described as "white elephants" - are to be rejected. Overall, Scotland should be aiming for a zero waste strategy, according to Mr Lochhead. As part of that, we led and then implemented a review of the resource efficiency landscape in Scotland.

Zero waste scotland tenders dating goal is to help Scotland eliminate waste. To achieve this goal, we pursue activities aligned to two complementary approaches: But Scotland still had more to do to rid itself of the "dirty man of Europe" tag, he added, and additional investment and commitment was required.

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These are set out in the attached letter from George Burgess. If you are not currently in the directory and would like to know more on how to be included, please contact Zero Waste Scotland.

I very much welcome your interest and support. Scotland will face hefty fines unless it meets European targets for reducing what goes into landfill.

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These are early days in taking that work forward so all details still to be decided. In a statement to the Scottish Parliament, Richard Lochhead, secretary for the environment, proposed consultation on the new targets.

Inclusion of a manufacturer or distributor on the list does not in any way constitute an endorsement by Zero Waste Scotland.

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Stuart Hay, head of campaigns at Friends of the Earth Scotland, warmly welcomed the higher recycling targets and focus on small-scale, localised facilities. That would give us access to a new source of funding.

The circular economy concept encompasses a range of strategies which ensure that materials are kept within productive use, in a high value state, for as long as possible, and that plant-based elements are returned to the biosphere in a sustainable way.

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The context in which we operate As a facilitator and enabler of change, we help to reduce waste, increase energy efficiency and promote responsible water use - all as part of a journey towards a low-carbon, sustainable economy.

Some local authorities want to turn the waste into energy by burning it, but incineration is controversial. An objective of that work is to use our unique position and international impact to build a more diversified income base which will give us more scope to innovate and develop solutions. Its benefits are primarily about enhancing competitiveness and reducing the environmental impact of resource use.

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The Scottish Government has decided that it now wants to integrate that work more closely into the Scottish landscape and we were happy to help them identify the way to do that. See clause 3 of our Terms and conditions.

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That work is progressing well. The information is provided only on the condition that Zero Waste Scotland and their sub-contractors will not be liable for any loss, expense or damage arising from your use or application of such information.

Businesses should focus on reducing commercial and industrial waste.

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Zero Waste Scotland is helping Scotland to become more efficient in its use of resources. By waste we mean any natural asset which is not used to its full potential.

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Resource efficiency is a much broader term, encompassing actions to conserve and maximise the efficient use of energy and water as well as raw materials. Our work supports the delivery of Scottish Government policy, including: The Government will continue to buy into our expertise and very successful cross-UK initiatives.

Other targets include limiting the amount of waste used to generate energy to a quarter by and stopping the growth of municipal waste by Information This directory only includes producers who have successfully demonstrated their compliance with the WRAP Quality Protocol for the production of aggregates from inert waste.

I look forward to our strong partnership going from strength to strength in future.

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The list is not intended to represent a complete list of products available and it should not be relied upon in specific cases. I will of course keep you informed on that, and our other initiatives. If you require information about a particular manufacturer, distributor or product you should seek the advice of that manufacturer or distributor or, where appropriate, of a professional expert.