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Yoseob and iu dating, yang yoseob – star romanization

Jonghyun tried to hold back his laugh, but then he couldn't help it.

YOSEOB IU Winning Moments -

Jonghyun widened his eyes, shocked. Yoseob turned to face Doojoon and glared at him. Sorry, Yoseob just popped into my head," Jonghyun lied again.

You look the prettiest when you smile comfortably. But… why is it that my heart ignores me?

BTS’ Jungkook

It was quite funny to see IU trying her best to smile. It wouldn't hurt to check, she thought. IU thought, her face turning red. Next time, I'll make sure to get your favorite ice cream," Jonghyun said, as IU smiled even brighter. He really loves me! Doesn't he have Se Kyung? I heard you were dating on the news," Jonghyun lied.


He yoseob and iu dating left IU at the bench a minute ago to secretly buy ice cream for them. Jonghyun sighed in relief. The weather was cool, so the ice cream wouldn't melt quickly or freeze to ice. Se Kyung panted quickly, as she placed her hands on her thigh.

She threw her hands up and sighed as she got off the couch. No, this is wrong! He totally forgot to ask IU about what flavor she liked, so he guessed and bought strawberry while he bought himself chocolate.

If you are going to smile, though, smile naturally. IU, embarrassed, looked away quickly and her ice cream in a faster pace.

Yoseob expresses his nervousness on duet performance with IU

Jonghyun stopped his tracks as his sneakers squeaked. Or was it her imagination? Is that supposed to be a compliment or something?

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I don't love IU as in a girlfriend and boyfriend relationship, right? Her heart was beating even faster than Jonghyun's, as she slowly gulped her saliva. Did he purposely tell Se Kyung to go get him a soda so that he can confess to me?

I called you twice and you didn't answer!

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Though… I have been feeling a bit different when I'm with IU. Remember, you don't really want to give IU any ideas that you love her, right? I feel more special next to IU instead of Se Kyung.

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She smiled and nodded, as she dashed off to find a soda machine. Why did I kiss Jonghyun on the cheeks? Here goes, Jonghyun, Jonghyun thought to himself, She kissed you on the cheeks, that must be that she loves you like how you love her!

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