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To use it, define the version VibeDefaultMain when building the project. It will return a UDPConnection instance, which can then be used to send and receive individual packets.

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On top of the low level interface, two high level modules, types and idioms are available to solve common tasks in a more convenient and type safe way. The packages are automatically downloaded if the corresponding entry in the "dependencies" section of the project's dub.

If you have written an extension library yourself, you can register it in the DUB registry so others can easily make use of it.

Client application that downloads a document Privilege lowering For server applications it may be desirable to start the application as root so that it can listen on privileged ports or open system log files for writing. Connections can be established by either listening on a specific port for incoming connections or by actively connecting to a remote server.

In addition to the interface generator, there is also a client generator, which automatically implements a class that emits the proper REST calls to access the REST interface. Anyone can then add an entry similar to the following to their project to make use of the library: For this reason vibe.

To listen only on a specific device, the bind address can be given as an additional parameter: To support such usage scenarios, you can implement your own program entry function instead.

The methods are named after their corresponding Redis command documented in the command reference. Commands and operations on Redis data types are implemented as instance methods of the client and of the RedisDatabase class.

This requirement will be lifted in a later version of vibe.

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Many of them extend and supplement vibe. You can then register your project on code. An implementation of a very simple echo server could look like this: Some applications might also need more control over how the application gets initialized and at which point the event loop is started.

Method parameters are mapped to JSON fields and get serialized according to the usual serialization rules.


The project currently also has to be hosted either on GitHub or on BitBucket. After these setup tasks, such applications impose a security risk because a hole in the application that allows to somehow execute malicious commands on the server will give the attacker full access to the system.

To defined a certain version, add the corresponding entry to the "versions" in your dub. The following example gets the current time using the Daytime Protocol. The main function To simplify development of server-like applications that are command line based and run an event loop, vibe.

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The API reference contains the documentation for the driver. Simple custom main function that runs an event loop. Projects that have their own program entry point currently, due to a transition process, also need to define a VibeCustomMain version instead of VibeDefaultMain. Data is exchanged using the Bson struct.

It does, however, provide a way to get around this, using the before attribute. This enables a completely statically checked and clean code style in most cases.

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For this to work, you will first have to write a proper dub. Corresponding dependency to use the published DUB package. This can be done by simply adding the following entry to your package description file: Note that the update can take up to 30 minutes.

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