World of Warcraft , DirectX 11 up to 50 percent faster than DirectX 9 ! World of Warcraft , DirectX 11 up to 50 percent faster than DirectX 9 !

Wow directx 11 differences in dating, world of warcraft , directx 11 up to 50 percent faster than directx 9 !

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But at least in WoW, for now, the message seems clear. In part because you have not been conscious of the Direct X version you have installed. Click the Game Configuration tab 4. Our second test is a five-minute play session in the Seething Shore PvP battleground.

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I think u just play games and call urself a gamer. Given that the software in question is essential to video games, It seems easiy relatable that the question concerns video gaming. One of the changes to the underlying game engine introduced by the new expansion is support for the DirectX 12 API and the removal of the earlier DX9 path.

Click Close Profile to back out of the Game Profile editing panel if you want, or just hide the Inner Space window; you're done. Also if it helps I have 7 copies of Wow.

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We picked two separate tests for our evaluation. VampFox May 12 '16 at WTF but this setting would need to be applied to all of your virtual Config. Yes, I have had it working in D3D9 Mode for almost a year.

But neither of these tests show a particular reason to use DX12 either, at least not with these cards and this current version of WoW. I used junctions so that the footprint would be smaller, and to minimize patching of both the game and addons.

I use the following at the command line when I have to redo my setup after a computer reload: Make sure "Main executable filename" is wow. We don't cars about the differences, because they don't matter to gaming.

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Click Apply to save your changes 8. Direct X version is an important aspect to gaming. One copy that I use for Single Player mode, and one each for my 6 accounts. Right click the Inner Space icon in the system tray notification area 2. Obviously, PvP matches can play out differently, which is why we chose a relatively long play-through period to compensate.

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Our detail settings are shown below: Furthermore, one might need more information to identify the actual requirements, or understand ehy they are requirements to begin with. Frankly, any version of software that suddenly acts as a replacement of its 'superior' version is a call for curiosity.

To switch back later if needed, replace it with "-d3d9" with no quotes. In the "Main executable parameters" box, put "-d3d11" with no quotes.

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Our first is a simple circular fly-around of the city of Dalaran. Here, they can make a significant difference, sometimes cutting CPU utilization by percent and allowing for corresponding improvements in power consumption or giving developers more flexibility. Circling the cities outer perimeter via flying mount takes almost exactly a minute and constitutes a simple test of API performance in non-challenging conditions.

VampFox I voted to leave this question open, but I'd like to emphasise that being confrontational is an easy way to get people to dislike you -- which may lead to close votes and downvotes.

The Gaming Report – DirectX 11 in WoW

Until ISBoxer has this option built in for you, it is recommended that you use the command-line switch instead to select between DirectX11 and DirectX9. As far as gaming goes, the dependencies get installed along with the game.

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Select World of Warcraft from the first drop-down box 5. Gud luck with that. The first character instance of WoW launces, but it doesnt expand up into the upper window layout slot like normal, and the other instances don't launch either.

What is the difference between DirectX 11 and 12? - Arqade

There is even version-differences for these sort of questions. Sun Jul 08, 5: If you disagree, I invite you to remove all versions of Direct X off your computer, install an early version, and attempt to run a game that recommends a newer version.

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That is, you can add a -d3d11 or -d3d9 parameter to wow. It is not a thing which just installed as a side software.