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You won't be blown away by anything new, but you will definitely be pleased. You also get the original versions of Oriental Boy and Dream Boy, which don't really differ that much from the remixes unless you compare them side-by-side.

Glamourazzi is an Oriental Floral fragrance launched also in Sure, you may have the track on 12", but this CD issue really does sound superb as all the tracks do.

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A filler track you may say, but it's quite enjoyable. On this CD issue you actually get three versions to choose from.

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A little spoiled by a sax solo which I fucking detestbut it's only for four bars. The main draw on this, the second album from the most famous Bobby "O" act, is winterapfel flirt course Danger. Very welcome Kim Wilde style New Wave with a pulsating bassline and uplifting chorus.

The original is perhaps the least well known. The products enable customets to have fun with beauty routine and flirt with the possibilities. No ideas of his own.

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It's like Bobby heard Electro and followed it like a recipe. Not only is it the quintessential mix, but here winterapfel flirt has never sounded better.

Key notes of this edition are apple nectar, blackberry and pink grapefruit mixed with gentle notes of lotus giving an impression of fun, girly rhythm.

While Oriental Boy may hint at Aneka's cheesy pop hit Japanese Boy, it still holds a certain charm of its own and the quite bizarre lyrics simply add to the fun music.

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You know, the typical remix that tries to be special but ends up a shadow of what it was trying to improve upon. Not a bad 2nd album at all from The Flirts, and certainly worth buying on this expanded CD issue. Love Reaction has nothing to do with the Divine hit, and it's a nice enough song. Rock N Rebel was presented in as a floral-fruity fragrance which celebrates independent spirit.

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Have a little fun. The fragrance features honeysuckle and vanilla. It's totally fun, and easily one that can get many repeat plays! It seduces with freesia, fruity notes and water lily.

You can find it in:

The company was founded in in the Unites States and deals primarily with cosmetics. Typical Bobby Orlando rock vibe. Just don't expect ANY surprises. Again, it's very hard to criticise Bobby when he does this fast paced vibe.

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These exclusive fragrances allow us to discover our own signature scent and to be flirtatious. Maybe the songs all sound the same on the outside and yes, there's another sax solobut it's irresistible fun. You could almost call it a demo of the full 12" mix. Sadly the lyrics are incredibly embarrassing.

Packaging design is sleek and created in secret-agent style compacts. In Flowerific appeared.

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It is composed of ginger, exotic floral notes and vanilla. However it's very standard for Bobby.

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Luv-a-licious was launched in April Don't let Danger be the only reason for getting this album though It is, in theory. The earliest edition was created in and the newest is from The face of the campaign is American actress Heather Morris.

Telephone thankfully picks things up again.

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Even apart from the cringe-worthy lyrics, the music is generic Electro and totally predictable. Their most popular products - Squeeze Me Super Shiny Lipgloss, Dreamy Eyes Eyeshadow and Peek-a-Blush cheek color come packaged in a box that coordinates exactly with the shade of the product.

The company's mottos are: