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Manually bring the needle down and bring it up again. Ignore the numbers after the decimal point and then add the first two numbers to The Coalbrookdale works near Telford, was in Victorian times, famous for producing high quality ornate iron castings and the wheel mountings made here carry a registration mark for Brown and Sharpe were beset with problems and it was 8 months before the first 50 Willcox and Gibbs machines, of the original commissioned orders were finished.

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Take the number from the sewing machine above, ignore the A,minus from it. Like Save November 1, at 3: Here is a link that might be useful: Undo verystuck This may be a shot in the dark as I appreciate this is a very old thread, but it is the only place I have come across where anyone has suggested that they have a threading diagram for a Wilcox and Gibbs overlocker.

I'm surprised your's andrea zamparo dating, too, but they often fall off with age. The only major improvement was in when the glass tension discs were replaced with an automatic tension device which ensured the machine could not get out of adjustment.

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For the first time the most complete story of a forgotten giant is brought to you by Alex Askaroff. I will do my best to provide answers for both case scenerios listed above - however - If I am incorrect, please clarify your issue by using the comment or reply link next to your question posted on Fixya and let me know so that I can send you additional troubleshooting steps.

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Take the middle date from the two methods, and I'm guessing that you are talking about threading the needle with the thread in the bobbin so you can start sewing? Note the automatic tension device just below the shaft of the bobbin holder.

I would never post my personal info that can be seen around the world. I have just been given one with one thread still in, but I cannot work out what to do with the other two!

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There are only two English patents one for J. Undo shadylady2u This is for the and models. Click on the picture for more information. Thanks Charlotte Like Save April 6, at 8: If you find this site useful and want to make a small donation to support its maintenance and expansion, then please use button below.

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Gibbs of Pocahontas County, West Virginia. August 20, at 9: A Gibbs and the other for James Willcox.

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If its the bobbin thread that you are talking about - heres what you do: Ignore everything but the first two digits It was made in America in and has the less ornate but still elegant hand crank produced for the European market.

My machine was abut I had it converted because I enjoy making swimwear and you really ought to use a 3 thread for that sort of work. Yellow is the sun and is the overlooper, Green is the grass and is the underlooper, blue is for the safety stitch; this is the configuration of the which has a 3 thread overlock stitch.

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The machine was made in America in the late 's but it has the ornate hand crank produced at Coalbrookdale near Telford, England which was, in Victorian times, renown for producing high quality ornate iron castings.

All the machine heads were built and shipped over from the United States, but some handwheels and wheel mountings were cast at the Coalbrookdale Company in Shropshire. Willcox was a forward thinking businessman and was in charge of production He hired the services of the Providence, Rhode Island company of Joseph R.

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Or are you talking about one of the loops on the machine itself that the thread needs to go through before threading through the eye of the needle itself? Approximate year of manufacture for the above machine becomes around Wilcox threading Like Save October 31, at 2: Add this to The is a two thread overlock stitich and has only one looper and a spreader.

It's a wonderful machine, you will love it once you "make friends with it".

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Luckily the machine was in instant success and soon the orders were rolling in.