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Why so serious shinee live with jong hyun dating, why so serious?

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OSEN This week also brought about the end of the K-drama Incarnation of Money a story of how greed destroys the life of a young man and how he fights to get justice for his family. The concerts included songs from the album Story Op. KBS World has been uploading a series of easy cooking tutorials to their YouTube channel featuring some of your favorite idols.

Making comebacks this week: Jonghyun interpolador lineal online dating the single "Elevator" on the 14th of October as part of the TV program.

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And it has English subtitles. WStarNews Serious about K-variety: The compilation album, Story Op. What was in the air in South Korea in January? He also participated in the vocal direction for all of the aforementioned songs.

Kim Jong-hyun (singer)

Newsen Serious about K-pop: The love fest keeps rolling on in the K-popiverse as actors Jo In-sung and Kim Min-hee were outed by Dispatch as dating. He received emergency CPR treatment.

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The album, Poet Artist was eventually released posthumously on January 23,[62] [63] [64] with all profits from the album sales to be given to Jonghyun's mother, in addition to establishing a foundation "to help those who are living in difficult circumstances".

The drama had a good finale showing with ratings of April 26, Johnelle 39 As a fan of K-pop we realize, at least after the initial new found fanaticism, that there are things to be serious about: Or was it just too cold and everyone needed a snuggle buddy?

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Singing the Legenda television competition program where singers perform new versions of old songs by "legendary singers". However, that changed when I started doing radio.

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It gave him a sense of stability, which is rare in the entertainment industry. T appeared as Jonghyun's friends during the episode. Originally only 12 concerts were planned, but Jonghyun decided to hold eight additional concerts after fans requested more performances.

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I also fail to understand why K-pop groups continue to release songs of the same name—especially when a rival had released a similarly monikered or in this case hooked hit previously. Being a K-variety fan I was super excited to see the show and was… kind-of disappointed.

I think the cast is great and there seems to be good chemistry, but the pacing of the show was super slow and made it a bit boring.

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He apparently had a difference of opinion with the production company over the portrayal of the character… really?! TaeminDavichi 's Minkyung and Zion.


The following are some of the events and news that happened in K-pop that you can totally be serious about. Jonghyun said he was inspired by the classic movie, Romeo and Julietand he wanted to write a romance story that "will make everyone interested but also a story which everyone can identify with".

The one positive surprise of the show from the first episode—Yoon Shi-yoon is K-variety gold. It was a space where he could explore new things, express himself and connect with the public on a deeper level: The song, which Jonghyun gave to IU as a friend, was also co-written by Jonghyun and dubbed a duet.

As I started expressing my human side to others, I became [more] comfortable with the image of Kim Jonghyun that I revealed through radio.