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The following two tabs change content below. These guys wanted to be the match that started a conflagration, I suppose, and now they have something like that. It might yet emerge that our intelligence agencies made an enormous operational or strategic blunder, or that crucial information was unavailable to them hence the renewed calls for the 'Snooper's Charter'.

Such randomness is uncomfortable, but it's true nonetheless.

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For example, why and how were these men connected to such a violent ideology? That said, these fuckers weren't fighting for equality or against tyranny. His parents, whose home in Lincolnshire was reportedly raided by police today, are said to have moved Adebolajo away from East London over fears their son was becoming radicalized, a onetime friend told the Evening Standard.

I can't blame them for not wanting to face it. Both brothers had lived in the US for a number of years before carrying out the attack, which has come to be known as an act of home-grown terrorism. If they were insane, I feel like they would have shot everyone in the street, or mowed down a crowd, or something.

Yeah, but they're from London. However, intelligence services assessed that neither suspect posed a threat to life, Sky News reports.

This was simply put a barbaric attack on an innocent person and we should all, regardless of what religious belief we hold, condemn it and pray for the family at this very difficult time.

'Muslim infiltration is a myth'

A woman working in a betting shop across the road said she was left "speechless" by the way the attackers behaved after apparently butchering the soldier with cleavers. The trial of the terrorists will be the usual farce, with the focus entirely on them and their motivation, not on who set the attack up and who ordered them to murder Drummer Rigby.

Were they self radicalized or recruited? See the changes to the asylum system on the immigration reform because of the Boston bombing - changes that are laughable irrelevant in the efficacy to prevent random violence, cute flirty joke further unrelated policial agendas.

By Michael Shrimpton I make no apology for staying with this topic.

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Scotland Yard has yet to release the identity of either person. This includeformer cub scout leader Ingrid Loyau-Kennett, 48, who talked down one of the attackers and told them to drop their weapons.

I hope that there's more to the story, I mean, this poor guy must have a family, what the hell?? But the truth is, I don't know the details of this case; none of us armchair critics do.

The images across our television screens of these two men holding meat cleavers and knives walking down streets of Woolwich with an air of calmness and talking to passers by showed little regret for what they had just done. MPs have stopped asking questions and GO2 have pretty much got away with it, again.

Murder of Lee Rigby

What words could I use that would help inform the debate in this area? Our website is struggling to cope with this overwhelming reaction from the British public, some of whom are choosing to buy T shirts and hoodies. Bakri Muhammed, who was thrown out of Britain when he was the leader of the now banned extremist group Al Muhajiroun, boasted he had converted Adebolajo to Islam when the boy visited his street stall in London.

Then a teenager, Lee was hit under the eye as he walked home. I felt quite sick. What on earth does that mean? I am not saying that we should bring back the Empire, which has had its day, but all our former colonies would be better off with non-corrupt, constitutional government, under a Governor-General, appointed by the Queen on the recommendation of the Prime Minister, i.

Man, woman arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to murder in Woolwich attack

Giving Muslims 'a bad name' There is a sense of nervousness among the non-white population. The simple truth is that no words can ever be used to display the shock, disgust and horror at this horrific attack in Woolwich.

It rulers are venal, cruel and corrupt and the death toll since the handover to China has been huge. Advertisement Share or comment on this article: Everyone who cries that this is "terrorism" doesn't want to face the fact and the truth.

One man, who's originally from Namibia and who came to London five years ago, described the atmosphere as the attack as "tense. There are lots of ramifications of what happened and the blame game has already started. What they want is for local communities to turn inwards and away from each other.

But as an academic and a criminologist clearly there are questions that need to be answered. They are now together again. Tackling extremism is difficult as there is no single pathway to radicalisation.

What I've said and not said to my children about Woolwich 24 May "It is a senseless act of pure depravity worthy of nothing but contempt. The story of his long marriage to his childhood sweetheart Geraldine is heartwarming.

He said he and his mother, who also lived there, were "friendly" and everyone is shocked.

‘They were hacking at this guy, chopping him like he was a piece of meat’

I don't think it's men or masculinity per se that is to blame. After a lot of painstaking researchI found there is no single answer, no single pathway of radicalisation, no obvious predictive flashing signs that the police or intelligence agencies can reliably and consistently look out for.

Or maybe because it's idiotically reductionist. No, England has its own Republicans. They all have their justifications that they proudly shout, this time it's Islam, last time it's something else, it's all bullshit. As I point out in Spyhunter now due for publication in September the South then turned to Prussia for support.

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What so many of us fail to recognize in my opinion is that there is a certain amount of monster in most all human beings and there is more "there for the grace of god go I" than any of us realize or care to admit to ourselves. To head off that derail, they did have access to guns: There's too much murder everywhere, I guess it's inevitable to go round and round about what this means.

Instead there are a number of factors and local communities must work together with the police to try and help tackle radicalisation through a grassroots approach. I consider this event noise.