Bruce Jenner Gets Dissed By Wendy Williams, Questions His Sexuality Bruce Jenner Gets Dissed By Wendy Williams, Questions His Sexuality

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Wendy Williams Speaks On The Bruce Jenner Interview, calls him ‘Fame Hungry’

The above clip features a previous episode where Williams also gunned for Jenner, this time chastising him for allegedly dating Kris' former best friend. Can you imagine how awful it would be for those kids if he showed up with a blowout, a shaved Adam's apple, pink nail polish and smoking a cigarette at a PTA meeting?

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Wendy is just trying to get some publicity at his expense. At this point, we must blame ourselves and take an honest look at why we even pay attention. Posted On 21 Jul Off Justice Anthony Kennedy, announced Wednesday he's retiring at the end of July, giving President Donald Trump another chance to fundamentally Posted On 27 Jun Off A judge sentenced a businessman, accepting his negotiated plea of no contest to felony statutory rape of a girl who is now 7 years old.

He waited until they were all grown. Bruce Jenner's interview with Diane Sawyer: The talk-show host went off about the photos recently published that reportedly showed Jenner in a dress at his Malibu home and the rumors that he will reveal his male-to-female transition during his interview with Diane Sawyer tonight — and she said some incredibly intolerant, and intolerable, things.

What does inflict harm, however, is gross and invasive speculation about a person's gender identity. Williams told viewers that she agreed Jonsson should not be permitted to compete in the women's division at the CrossFit Games, due to the fact that "this is an unfair advantage Why now he is almost close to death anyway.

His kids were interviewed.

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He has done the father thing all his life and now his children are grown enough to understand he is choosing to concentrate on himself.

Posted On 20 May Off A shooting after a high school graduation has left one woman dead and another injured, and police say a shooter is on the run. Jerseysmelltours I hate Ms. What do you think of Wendy Williams' comments about Bruce Jenner?

Her Face has strongly changed in the past few months and she says it make up.

Wendy Williams Speaks On The Bruce Jenner Interview, calls him 'Fame Hungry' - YabaLeftOnline

It's still Wendy Williams, after all. The teasing this time, however, came from speculation about Jenner's sexuality, which received laughing and jeering from the crowd. During the "Hot Topics" segment of her show, Williams discussed a recent picture of Jenner on his 65th birthday smoking a cigarette and wearing what appeared to be pink nail polish.

Watch Wendy Williams go off about Bruce Jenner: And everyone knows that Bruce should have transitioned years ago. Mixed Chick Everyone is a fame whore in that family.

And LGBT issues are a bad thing to you?

Nothing wrong with that at all. Even though it's not true, you'd think she would be a little more sensitive to the situation — but who are we kidding? Here's the video — the rant starts at the three-minute mark.

Posted On 28 May Off A Brooklyn barbershop customer's face was sliced open after his stylist shoved him through a plate glass window.


This bruce jenner crap is so so bizarre…he acts like he was enslaved or something…how sick is that. I dont like the kardashians anymore then the next person,but your judgement is vile. I know he is Belinda but he should think about his kids and not be a greedy person just to be on TV.

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Where did the parenting go? Even Kylie sent a statement saying she just wants her father to be happy.

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Bruce Jenner's latest career decision proves he's putting his kids first Pretty ironic, considering the rumors that have plagued Williams her entire career that she herself was a man who transitioned to a woman.

Bruce did not discover this at 65, Bruce is coming out with it at One step at a time, we will get through this together.

The funny thing is that people like you are really the ones who are humiliating themselves. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

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She is half naked most of the time without supervision and looks ridiculous with what work she does to her face and posting on social media. I feel duped because he's the same fame whore as the rest of the family.

MIndy O I agree with Wendy and she is brave, in the pc media world, to speak her truth.

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MIndy O I swear, they never run out of things to yank people back into watching their circus. Bruce sounded confused and peculiar. Transvestites are different than transsexuals though.

You seem like a really nice, kind, loving, open-minded person.

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Kimmy Moores That horse faced demon might as well be a man though. She has a right to speak her mind. And her name is Ron He is mentally unstable for sure and being married to Kris Jenner for 25 years would make one insane…and that is what he is now….