PROC SOAP: The SOAP Procedure PROC SOAP: The SOAP Procedure

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Most soap makers purposely add extra beneficial fats and oils to their recipe so that consumers can experience the added skin care effects of these oils in non saponified form. Melt dating a guy gamer girl pour soap is quick to make; it hardens in several hours and does not need to cure.

Ring Soap Lets You Hang Your Soap From a Hook

After the soap emerges from the mills, it is pressed into a smooth cylinder and extruded. You will need something to hold it as it hardens overnight. New product announcements, demos and reviews.

The addition of water ensures the equal spread of the sodium hydroxide throughout each and every ingredient.

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You can get your water tested for hardness at your local appliance store. The building plans for this cutter can be found in Catherine Failor's book "Transparent Soapmaking".

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Milling 4 Most toiletry soap undergoes additional processing called milling. Tape the wires to the pipe about every 2' for the entire length for ease in reinstallation of pump into casing. Animal fat in the past was obtained directly from a slaughterhouse. There is no lye left in the finished soap.

The lower layer, called "nigre," contains most of the impurities in the soap such as dirt and salt, as well as most of the water.

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Most people believe this is because of the sodium hydroxide; it has actually more to do with fragrance and essential oils that you use. Test the soap by touching it to your tongue, if it 'zaps' like a nine volt battery, it's not done. Keep your utensils and containers that are used for soapmaking separate from those that you use to cook with.

Thermodynamics The first part of the saponification reaction is ionization, which takes place when sodium hydroxide is mixed with water. When you start Cold Process Soapmaking it can be a little daunting, it was for us, and that was inand we've never used any other soap since!

This time around he's taken on the dreaded bar of soap. We also strongly recommend watching Soap Queen's Video Tutorials here You will probably find that you already have most of the equipment required, patiently waiting to be used to make your first batch of soap!

Although the amount of water doesn't need to be exact for successful lye soap making, too much water can cause the soap to become soft while too little water can cause the soap to become caustic and dry.

Not so fast as to splash but fast enough to keep the mixture in constant motion. Mix the lye and water combination continuously until all the lye is dissolved. The look of the soap tends to be a little bit on the rustic side and does not have as smooth of a finish as the cold process method.

So, what are your first steps?

Please do not attempt to make cold process soap without researching the method thoroughly. Here are some helpful blog posts on scenting soap.

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Once you are ready to mix the components Remember to always pour the lye into the water, not the water into the lye! Essential oils are considered a more natural way to fragrance soap.

Stir mixture until it begins to trace. Electrolysis is basically a method of passing an electric current through a liquid or solution. The following code demonstrates how to hook functions that are imported from another module.

Now leave the soap for about 18 - 36 hours depending on the ingredients used. The mix will begin to take on a clear Vaseline like look.

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It is a good idea to heat them slightly if they are. Depending on the oils used, the bar can have great lather coconut oil has excellent lathering propertiesbe incredibly mild olive oil is renowned for its gentle qualities or be very moisturizing with the addition of oils, such as shea and cocoa butter or hemp oil.

With too much fats or oils, the soap will become extremely soft as there will be extra unadulterated acids that could not react with any lye.

Do not break in mixing. Cook the Soap Once the soap reaches a full trace, it's time to cook the mixture and force the gel.


A foam substance formed at the top of the pot. You can cut the soap into bars right away. The ring shaped bars of soaps can be hung on any pre-existing hook you might have in your bathroom, or you can use the aluminum hanging peg that comes with the soap.

This basic tutorial shows you the steps required to achieve your first batch. Created and designed by Sebastian Bergne, an industrial designer from the UK, Sebastian takes everyday objects and makes them into something unique and exceptional.

Refer to the Soapmaking Oil Chart for more information on the properties of oils and butters in soap. In saponification, the animal fat, which is chemically neutral, splits into fatty acids, which react with alkali carbonates to form soap, leaving glycerin as a byproduct.

Additives are used to enhance the color, texture, and scent of soap. Stick Blender — You will need a stick blender or immersion blender to blend the soap. Difficult but not impossible to add fresh ingredients like milk and purees; they tend to scorch during the cooking process.

The idea is to get the oil, lye and water molecules to meet and combine to make soap. This means some swirls that can be made with cold process soap are not possible with melt and pour. The two common methods for producing soap are the cold process and the hot process.

Tweet This ring shaped bar of soap allows you to easily hang it on a hook inside your shower in lieu of a soap dish that gets all grimy and nasty whenever you leave a wet bar of soap on it unless it's a slanted soap dish. If a stick blender is used, trace can sometimes occur in as little as 2 minutes!

As discussed at the beginning of this page, once you have cut the soap into bars, they can either be used immediately or be cured for a few weeks.

Ring Soap Lets You Hang Your Soap From a Hook

Cutting and Curing Now you have to just leave it alone! This is the most important step in the cold process soap making procedure.

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During this process, lye is dissolved in water, and the oils are made into a warm liquid state,either by heating a liquid or melting a solid. Containers for Weighing out Oils and Mixing Soap — I recommend using a stainless steel pot, a large glass measuring bowl, a bucket or heavy duty paint mixing containers.

I personally like to pour my soap into a wooden loaf moldand then cut it into bars after it hardens, but use your own creativity. Once I made soap, I was hooked. Soap Background Soap is a combination of animal fat or plant oil and caustic soda.

This page will let you know what you need to get started and will also direct you to useful resources and posts.

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People are starting to grow food again, raise chickens and many other DIY projects. Make sure that you never use hard water for cold process soap making because the unwanted substances within the water could take part in the reaction.

Pour the soap into your choice of soap making molds.