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He is currently working on a book about radio poetry.

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Is there really a place on radio for experimentation? Ironic versions of the music bumpers in NPR-style magazine local hookups inland empire, these voice bumpers combine found sound with conversation fragments from interviews with important radio critics, scholars and inventive practitioners Allen Weiss, Kersten Glandien, Kenneth Goldsmith, Lauren Goodlad, Mark Percival, Himan Brown, Tim Crook, Matthew Finch, David Chesworth, Sonia Leber, Simon Elmes and Jo Tacchi to create a listening experience more restless and engaging than it is wallpaper.

Radio Radio evolves out of two other recent projects: Kelly] Now swear to tell the truth And the whole truth When it comes to hoes I be pimping like I supposed to Rolling like I supposed to Shining like I supposed to In the club, fucking with honeys like I supposed to I don't understand it when a nigga bring his girlfriend to club Freaking all on the floor with his girlfriend in the club And wondering why all these players trying to holla at her Just soon as she go to the bathroom, nigga I'm gonna holla at her A dog on the prowl when I'm walking through the mall If I could man I probably would flirt with all of you Yeah, yeah homie you say she's your girlfriend But when I step up to her I'm gonna be like, "cousin" Believe me man, this is how them players do it in the chi And plus we got them playerette flirters in the chi Now the moral of the story is cuff your bitch 'cause hey I'm black, handsome, I sing plus I'm rich and I'm a flirt I'm a, I'm a, I'm a, I'm a [T.

Twenty people immersed in radio, sound and performance Prix Italia winners, Prix Futura winners, SONY winners and platinum recording artists as well as sound poets, unconventional radio producers, audio artists, critically savvy DJs and writers on the social and aesthetic margins offer, in their own ways, answers to this question through conversation and the presentation of their work.

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His literary series, radio art magazines, documentaries, features and news stories have been heard on BBC Radio Three and Four, and on public and commercial stations and networks throughout North America, Europe and Australia.

Things called "voice bumpers" frame and counterpoint larger discussions throughout the series. The series was produced, researched and edited by Martin Spinelli. The series debuted on I'm a, I'm a, I'm a, I'm a flirt Soon as I see her walk up in the club I'm a flirt Winkin eyes at me, when I roll up on them dubs I'm a flirt Sometimes when I'm with my chick on the low I'm a flirt And when she's wit her man looking at me, damn right I'm a flirt So homie don't bring your girl to meet me 'cause I'm a flirt And baby don't bring your girlfriend to eat 'cause I'm a flirt Please believe it, unless your game is tight and you trust her Then don't bring her around me 'cause I'm a flirt [Verse 1: