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Water hookup and drain line for washer, how much does a washer-dryer hookup cost?

The hose connections and power cords should easily reach their sources without pulling, leaking or causing flow restrictions. I replaced the pump, and this seemed to fix it for about 3 cycles, but now it is giving an error 2 not draining in 6 minutes. Reply 68 Chris December 20, at Have you checked to be sure the drain pump itself is not clogged?

I will check the drain. I have changed the drain pump out and replaced the drain sensor with no luck. The drain is at the correct level, and there are no blockages in any of the pipes or filters including the hard to reach ones.

I will do my best to explain what is going on and am hoping you have a good response for me. Machine works fine on everything but the gentle cycle drain.

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No on-off switch, The float turns on - off the pump. Guessing a timer issue? My maytag centennial top loader works fine except there is always water present at the end of a wash on the bottom, below the yowapeda personals dating. Reply 7 Robert June 21, at 5: Inspected tensioner, not broken as far as I can tell but rusty.

Reply 50 Lou January 28, at 8: Is it the clutch assembly or the belt the problem area?. Check the drain hose too to be sure there is nothing clogging the draining process and then you will know if it is an electronic issue or a drain pump drain issue. While a minimum height for outlets in a home may very, depending on local building codes, for convenience both outlets should be placed between 34 and 36 inches high.

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Do the troubleshooting steps above cover that condition as well? Anyway, I had to peel this away from around the relays by hand, using a pointed wooden dowel about the size of a pencil. Check it for proper operation before replacing it.

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While the faucet heights may vary, the water supply is generally installed directly behind the washer. But water level remains the same. If you have to manually drain out the water: It will not drain, there are no clogs and the pump was just replaced to no avail.

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If the plug doesn't match the outlet, you need to swap out the outlet facing with the appropriate type. We completely assembled the showers before their taken apart and shipped. All electrical and plumbing work must meet local building codes. The drum also spins freely.

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Gain access to the drain pump and take off the hoses to be sure there is nothing blcking the hoses where it connects to the drain pump AND inside the drain pump itself. I have tried all the timer settings from a short 2 minute wash to full and also small and large load settings.

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Often a professional plumber or electrician will obtain any required permits as part of the project. Especially since it would eventually drain, so long as I kept restarting the washer on the spin cycle enough times.

Washer water hookups or above sink water hookup. Any suggestions on why this would be happening and if I can possible fix it myself? There is no standard height for supply-line faucets, but either way, the valves are located near the washing machine electrical outlet -- close enough to run a short supply hose from the faucets to the valves on the back of the washer.

I just cleaned the drain filter which was not bad. It does spin however, and the pump was clogged with something that broke apart in the washer. Remove it and check with a meter or check for visible signs of damage.

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I wash a load on the regular wash setting, but have to set it on delicate to get it to spin and drain. Installing a washer and dryer in a space that has not been previously set up as a laundry area requires hot and cold water plumbing lines; a drain line called a standpipe or a laundry sink where the washing machine's drain hose can discharge; electricity V for washing machines and V for most electric dryers ; a vent and, if it's a gas dryer, a gas line.

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Will not drain water only in delicate cycle drains water okay in other Cycles. Under sink with shut off valve for hot and cold. The same measurements apply if the washer drains into a laundry tub. For larger projects, search for local contractors through the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association[ 2 ] or the National Electrical Contractors Association[ 3 ].

It has problems draining. Never use an extension cord, especially on a dryer.

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Locations for all of these features vary depending on the layout of the laundry room. Reply 6 AK June 23, at 3: Everything is working as it should, however it will not drain. Would still like to know if there is any way to drain all water out in the Maytag Centennial model.

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I think this is all the information I can giveand I hope it makes sense. We would appreciate any honest response. If you catch it right away you can lift the lid and close it pausing and restarting and the pump runs and water drains normally.

Will not drain and go into the spin cycle. Do all board manufacturers do this? It either broke a piece and fell off and you need to replace it, or you can try reinstalling it.

Reply 21 Zackary burries September 1, at 5: This has been going on for a couple of weeks now. Water Hookups Washer drain hookups should be between 30 and 55 inches from the bottom of the washer.

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Drain line 15 feet long. Reply 41 Sabrina March 25, at 4: My husband and I believe the problem is from unintentionally using too much laundry detergent. The company said this problem would cost over four hundred dollars to fix. If you know the pump, motor, and wiring is in good working order, and no blockages are preventing draining, then the board IS the most likely issue.

Reply 42 Michael November 8, at 9: No noise or anything from motor.