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Sam however rules this out as impossible, and attempts to explain that that's not how things works within the dilation field. Vala, exasperated and energized and seemingly quite elated with the turn of recent 'romantic' eventsvolunteers to help Carter, hypothesizing that they could reverse time in the field up to the point they left the Asgard home world, and then disable the hyperdrive.

Landry develops a gardening hobby, as the what is chemistry in dating shoot up around all around him.

Daniel rejects her point blank, and angrily confronts Vala for what he believes to be her insincerity, teasing, and mocking of him. SG-1 embarking on another mission. Daniel Jackson in the Odyssey's Asgard knowledge room Years pass, as each member of the team attempts to deal with their isolation.

Teal'c and Mitchell spar with each ever more vigorously, as always. Second, the reversal of the time field will mean the loss of any and all memories of the past fifty years.

After jumping through hyperspace attempting to lose the Ori warships their shields eventually fail, and their only chance to save the ship is to activate a Time dilation fieldwherein SG-1 remain trapped for fifty years, whilst Carter attempts to develop a solution or escape to their predicament.

In another scene, Daniel holds a frustrated crying Vala. He says they could never have a serious romantic relationship, that he couldn't even imagine them having one, and did not believe she ever thought of them seriously having a relationship.

Vala, who in fact always had a very sincere 'soft-spot' for him, is greatly hurt and upset by his words, and attempts to hide her face while tears stream down her face.

Ori energy beam frozen in time However, Mitchell directs Carter's attention to the Watch stargate unending online dating energy beam weapon ; he theorizes that by deactivating the dilation field and allowing the beam watch stargate unending online dating hit, they can channel the beam's power to the core.

Back at the SGC, Teal'c refuses to reveal any of the events on the ship to the others, much to Vala's disappointment and frustration. Thor explains that the Asgard's final attempt to fix their inherent gene degradation was a failure yet again, and as a result the entire Asgard race has contracted a terminal illness.

However, there are two problems. Daniel and Vala develop their romance, falling cushily into an easy, comfortable relationship.

Stargate SG-1 - Unending (S10E20)

As the group prepares their plan, Vala and Daniel share their last embrace, assuring each other of the sincerity of their love as more than just mere chance. Colonel Samantha Carter discovers some strange readings from the new hyperdrive system, and suggests that they stop using it.

After many years, Landry succumbs to old age and dies. Odyssey takes several beam shots to the shields causing increasing reflexive damage.

However, just before the beam makes contact - which would no doubt result in the loss of SG-1, Landry and the Asgard technology forever - Carter activates a time dilation field around the ship one of the new integrated features of the Asgard technology.

Safe for now, to everyone's surprise and relief, Carter is able to work on several theories to allow the team to leave Odyssey before the beam hits, or to jump the ship out of phase before the beam makes contact. Teal'c however, having an extended lifespan, changes very little, except for a shock of gray streak in his hair.

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However, Daniel jokes that Teal'c did reveal to him several bits of good advice that Daniel read in the Asgard database in the alternate timeline, but they're really just common aphorisms. During the boring journey Vala Mal Doran arranges a surprise birthday party for Dr.

This succeeds in penetrating the shields of the Ori warship and destroying it, much to Landry's relief and pleasure, as Mitchell remarks, "We got 'em".

After fifty years, with everybody aging greatly except for Teal'cCarter finally figures out how to reverse time within an even smaller localized field.

Edit The Odyssey travels to Orilla upon the request of the Asgard who then offer to upgrade the Odyssey before their mass suicide.

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When they arrive at the Asgard home world of Orilla they are greeted by Thor who announces that the Odyssey will be given a complete copy of the Asgard's latest technology.

However, not everyone's amused by this, firmly believing they'll all go stir-crazy soon enough especially Mitchell and Vala. The Asgard energy weapons penetrate the Ori warship's shields, inflicting serious damage.

They open another hyperspace window and leave before they are destroyed, saving themselves as well as the Asgard's legacy. Stuck until they are able to figure out a new solution, SG-1 prepares for a long wait.

The Asgard beam off the ship, and Odyssey flees. However, the Asgard self-destruct their own planet, as planned. Unfortunately, in a last cruel irony, after maintaining the time dilation field for over 50 years, the ship's power supplies no longer have enough energy to complete the plan.

The 1st Ori warship is destroyed Just as the final installations are completed, three Ori warships exit hyperspace and attack Odyssey. One Ori ship follows, the others turning on the Asgard. When Jackson sees the sincere tears and the true depth of her feeling, it finally makes him realize that she really does care for him after all and was actually being sincere.

First, the ship will be destroyed by the blast, and if the time reversal does not activate quickly enough, the destruction will not be reversed, killing everyone and squandering the Asgard's knowledge in the process.

Carter finally learns how to play the cellosomething she'd always wished she had time to learn; Daniel continues translating information in the database and with his never ending studies.

He gently turns Vala's face towards him, looks deep into her eyes, and plants a kiss on her lips. During their initial months on board, Vala repeatedly tries to seduce Daniel, while he continues to repel her advances.

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Scenes show him wrecking his cabin, and sitting staring longingly in a F fighter-interceptorcontemplating escape certain death. Time begins to slow, stop, then slowly starts to reverse … 'followed' by the reversal of the ship's destruction, and then the causal beam.

Also, one person must remain behind, protected within a much smaller localized field, staying aged, so as to retain the memories necessary to perform the rescue attempt. With that, SG-1 steps through the gate on their next mission.

However, all of her simulations produce the same result: Teal'c, who as a Jaffa has a much longer lifespan than the other members of the team, volunteers as the only logical choice.