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He goes to Carolyn's apartment and sees her having sex in her car with Quagmire.

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Thinking Loretta hasn't changed and suspecting that Brian was using her to sabotage his chances to be with Carolyn, Peter recruits Quagmire to have sex with Loretta again so Cleveland can see she hasn't changed. When she invites him to her house, Stewie apprehends Brian and tells him that his relationships fail because he has sex with his girlfriends immediately when they meet.

Brian finds during his visit with Loretta that she feels guilty for cheating on him with Quagmire. Later, Cleveland visits Brian to clear any negative feeling he has against him and Carolyn, as they are at "a point of great soreness", but then Cleveland announces to Brian plans to elope with Carolyn in Hawaiiwhich makes their resovia skra online dating tense.

When she invites him in for the night after a date, Stewie stops them. When Cleveland visits Carolyn, he finds her and Quagmire having sex, apparently the same way it happened to Brian. Carolyn explains to Brian that she had assumed he just wanted to be friends with her since he refused to have sex for so long.

Cleveland decides to talk to Loretta tomorrow to see how he feels about getting back together with her.

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Ahsan Haque of IGN praised "Love, Blactually", writing that it had "many memorable scenes, quote-worthy dialogue, politically incorrect references, and great storyline". Peter and Lois think Cleveland shouldn't go back to Loretta, but Brian seeing this as his only chance at getting back with Carolyn says Cleveland should "forgive and forget", and points out Loretta's good qualities which he's obviously lying, as his nose starts to grow.

After going to the bookstore to buy The God DelusionBrian meets an atheist named Carolyn, who happens to be looking for the same book. Further episode plots were revealed at Comic-Con Loretta apologizes to Cleveland for her affair with Quagmire, she then announces that she wants to get their family back together and promises she'll never betray him again.

It has also been confirmed by MacFarlane that a member of the Griffin family will die in this season, to be replaced by an upcoming member of the family.

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Stewie thinks Brian should go to Cleveland's ex-wife, Lorettaand convince her to get back together with him so Brian can win back Carolyn for himself.

Since both Brian and Cleveland have been cheated on by the same woman, Cleveland apologizes to him for stealing Carolyn and they make amends, with the former revealing himself to have received a genital wart.

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Apologizing for his botched attempt to help him out, Stewie suggests that he can convince Cleveland's ex-wife, Loretta, to reconcile with him. Since Brian and Cleveland have been cheated on by the same woman, they remain friends. Blaming Stewie for his advice that cost him a relationship with Carolyn, Brian is about ready to give up on love.

Thank you so much! Family Guy Season 14 20 Episodes Family Guy Season 14 During this season, the guys head to Korea, after Quagmire is found to be a Korean soap-opera star, Chris becomes a registered sex offender, Stewie has a nightmare and sends Brian into his mind to find the root of the problem, Peter and Lois buy a new mattress "Guy, Robot"Stewie and Brian open an Italian restaurant and are met by Frank Sinatra, Jr. - Watch TV Shows and Documentaries Online

Quagmire accidentally marries a hooker, Peter becomes a meth dealer, Chris moves in with Herbert, and Brian and Stewie will reverse the direction of time, revisiting iconic moments from the past seasons for the th episode.

Brian starts dating an atheist named Carolyn. Family Guy Season 15 20 Episodes Family Guy Season 15 In a wacky Rhode Island town, a dysfunctional family strive to cope with everyday life as they are thrown from one crazy scenario to another.

In doing this he discovers that his future image is not what he has anticipated because of a near death experience.

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Cleveland finally leaves as Loretta tearfully watches on. When Cleveland shows up to her hotel room, Cleveland forgives her, but insists that it is time for the both of them to move on while Loretta lives her life as amazing and wonderful as she can.

Loretta tells Cleveland to meet her at her hotel, which he does. Quagmire meets her at the hotel she's staying in, but this time, Loretta resists his advances and tells him to beat it after smashing him in the face with an iron.

Brian tries to deal with this but keeps running in to Cleveland and Carolyn having sex everywhere. It was written by one of the show's main voice actors, Mike Henryin his first episode of the season.

The showrunners are Hentemann and Callaghan.

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Sulkin returns after a two-season absence as the new showrunner for the series, replacing previous showrunner Callaghan. Brian becomes interested in Carolyn, and the two begin to date. Phil LangoneMark Garcia Plot: The season will also feature the th episode of the series.

However, he finds out that Carolyn has begun to date Clevelandsince Brian did not want to have sex for the three weeks they have dated, and assumed he just wanted to be friends.

He graded the episode 8. Brian realizes that Stewie is right and decides to listen to his advice. There will also be an upcoming Christmas episode with the return of Jesus, with him trying to have sex for the first time The Year-Old Virginand Peter will beat up guest star Liam Neeson Kicking Arse.

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Plot[ edit ] During a costume partyLois suggests Brian to find a girlfriend. The series follows the Griffin family, a dysfunctional family consisting of father Peter, mother Lois, daughter Meg, son Chris, baby Stewie and the family dog Brian, who reside in their hometown of Quahog.

Brian feels uncertain that he should carry out this plan until Cleveland announces his own plans to elope with Carolyn in Hawaii.

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Appel will continue to serve as showrunner alongside Sulkin. Production[ edit ] Mike Henry, who voices Cleveland, wrote the episode. Loretta says she wants to start a new life with him, but he says that while he will always have a place in his heart for her, he has to move on, and advises her to do the same.

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Three weeks pass and Brian decides it's finally time to consummate the relationship, but when he goes to Carolyn's apartment, he catches her having sex in her car with Cleveland. A heartbroken Brian tries to deal with his loss, but keeps running into Cleveland and Carolyn having sex in various locations.

Brian agrees and begins following Stewie's advice of taking things slow. Just as Cleveland leaves, Loretta appears out of nowhere. Stewie explains that Brian always rushes into his relationships too quickly, and that is why he can never maintain them.

The two visit Loretta in her own room and find out that she feels guilty for cheating on him with Quagmireand believes she can never go back to Cleveland.

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Cleveland goes to Peter and Lois for advice on what should be done. Peter suspects that Brian is lying and points out that she can't be trusted after what she did. In addition, Brian learns that Cleveland may have gotten a genital wart from having sex with Carolyn.