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As this was the Norwich stop of the Compendium tour, there were some classics and crowd-pleasers including Illusion, Gratitude and Radio and fewer rarities with only one track which I didn't know if anyone knew it, it was played to a backdrop of orange and green lights and I'd be interested to find it again.

VNV Nation are a truly international band.

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Which is all the more surprising, considering that the entire album was composed on one synthesizer and two basic samplers. Ronan and Mark did take the time as they left the stage to shake hands with those at the front, which seemed to make Grumpy-Sec twitchy good but the adoring fans - me included - loved every minute of it.

We didn't expect it, and neither did they, but it turned out to be an intimate and powerful gig.

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If I have a complaint, it's that the band seemed incredibly rushed. They are known for their eclectic mix of electro-industrial, trance and synthpop and have released a handful of studio albums. I don't know if it was just a Wednesday night, I don't know if the hipsters at the back were just too cool for school hint: Live reviews VNV Nation First off, props to a band which regularly draws five times the capacity of the Waterfront for doing a UK tour which includes the absolutely tiny city of Norwich in the destination list.

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Staff upon exit were unhelpful, the friendly bar people all disappeared and upon running back in for my forgotten bag quick with a sarcastic comment in my direction. However, since bands are otherwise known as the globally accepted symbol for rebellion against societal norms, it would take one hell of a group to get away with it.

There was a light show during 'Honor' in red, white and blue which - combined with the lyrics about 'standing alone' and 'what we are fighting for' - did, to me at least, hint enigmatically at Brexit, which wasn't surprising for a band who doesn't mind a bit of politics but disappointing as Norwich was a largely Remain area compared to the rest of Norfolk and the message was muddled.

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Sounds like VNV Nation through and through. The resulting album was so successful that they were able to go on two successful world tours as a result, the first two in the band's history.

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Ronan was, as always, a showman and worked hard to get a tiny crowd going with lots of interaction and encouragement. With exception to the Ravers in the corner near the front, who were doing their best to carry the crowd.

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This was entirely a problem with the venue, not the band, but the attitude sits in stark contrast with the usual love and attentiveness shown by VNV to their fans. Since then the band has gone from strength to strength.

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The gig ended with a couple of wonderful encores the crowd chanting 'VNV' and 'Thankyou' over and over was a highlightbut then finished abruptly without the meet-and-greet promised to German audiences of the same tour and the main lights thrown on within what felt like moments of VNV leaving the stage.