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Virgo sun pisces moon dating, just wanna know who else is like i and why cant i stay emotionally attached to guyz

Scorpio's essence is self-protective, but more importantly, it is retaliatory. By nature you are very shy and reserved. Because you are virgo sun pisces moon dating so steady and consistent, you rarely blow up. You're apt to show especially good verbal skills; speaking and writing.

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When it comes to sex and relationship Virgo rising will analyze a love match to pieces before he surrenders to it. You feel you have a right to this as you are a pretty good, law abiding, conventional human being.

Pisceans are tender and caring, but frequently become the victims of domineering and uncaring partners. With their moon in Virgo, this pisces meshes best with people who are confident but not pretentious or full of themselves.

You finance guys dating guidelines an innate sense of justice. February 22, Timbaland — Born: Your sense of what constitutes a good time is variable; sometimes simple and earthy, and other times much more venturesome.


It's easy to talk about how to behave responsibly and correctly. February 25, Chelsea Handler — Born: Funny my sister and I was just talking about Virgo men, my husband has Virgo rising, and he is so critical about everything,nothing is right, and he can spend 9 hours picking out the right pair of shoes and when he gets home with them, he hates them!!!!!

You may find yourself constantly jumping into friendships and romances, finding reasons why the other person is not right for you. People with pisces sun sign and virgo moon sign deep down want to help people but sometimes their soft heartedness is not very apparent since they often become jaded and have their guards up most of the time.

When you are asked to do something against your will, the nature of both signs is to resist with a great stubbornness. While involved in an issue, your mind is actively and restlessly searching for loopholes, weak points, or contradictions.

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The forward-pushing nature of the sun wants to send a message to everyone. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sometimes you are even too quick to trust the untrustworthy, because you are so prone to have an initial sense of faith in others.

But Virgo can provide a firm foundation for Pisces by ensuring that he accepts some of his responsibilities even he needs to do his taxes.

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You need more education that most people because study and learning steadies your nature. Her writings and personal consultations focus on applying practical astrological analysis to the real world. Libra suns always seem like they're running for a political office. You can be tolerant and broad-minded in your viewpoints one minute, and totally biased and unreasonable the next.

The traits of this configuration are ones that demand harnessing and controlling. Insights to people are continuous being formed and evaluated and the conclusions formed are generally accurate. March 4, Wyatt Earp — Born: This is the most restless and fickle of the Taurus combinations.

March 10, Aaron Eckhart — Born: Furthermore, they know how to do it, but too often, they just don't.

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You are enormously hard on yourself. The Sun, conversely, shows that you are not one to be pushed around easily, and at times you can be down right stubborn.

Your friendliness and ability to put people at ease can prove to be your greatest asset for success and attainment.

Pisces Sun-Virgo Moon Personality |

March 4, Pete Doherty — Born: Neither the Scorpio sun or moon will ever allow anyone to do them harm and get away with it. For the devoted and moral Pisces-Virgo guilt is often the curse. February 25, Laurence Chirac — Born: You have an inner core of flexibility and determination which enables you to handle adversity in life with calm forbearance and are much more self-directed and tough than your fellow Pisceans.

Your highly developed social sense suggests that you like people, but they must be the right people. Fortunately, your intellectual tendencies probably endow you with good abilities or talents.

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Your charming manner and pleasant demeanor draws others to you like a magnet, and you can achieve your ends with diplomacy and friendly persuasion. You need this reprieve to avoid the stress to which you are rather susceptible.

February 22, Steve Irwin — Born: Click to read article. Pisces Sun in Taurus, Moon in Aries The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign shows you to be a strong individual with an even stronger and determined drive to achieve your ends. A natural student, your mind is quick and retentive.

You are stable and decisive, and there is little that is frivolous or whimsical about you. In some way, you know with certainty who is trustworthy and who to avoid completely.

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You are always devoted and genuine, and your sense of duty is part of a need to feel desired. You have an innate ability, if left to your own devices, of slipping by with the expenditure of very little energy; living by your wits and your practical nature.

You don't waste time daydreaming because you are just too practical. March 12, Kat Von D — Born: You are a bit too painstaking for your own good. Never tell them that you are happy or let them know you are happy, or they will soon make you not!

Aside from that they are likely to be very feminine and conscientious of their image.

The Difference Between Virgo Sun & Moon...

You have charisma and magnetism combined with the ability to see people for what they are. Sun in Taurus, Moon in Capricorn The combination of your Sun and Moon signs produces a personality that is gentle and easygoing, unless some way provoked.

A little too easily you also tend to take on the burdens of those closest to you.