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Here are some of the strangest dating sims to come out of Japan recently: Devastation - Part 1 Live recording of my stream of Transformers: In Paca Plus, you play a school-aged boy whose girlfriend suddenly and inexplicably turns into an alpaca after visiting an alpaca farm.

Devastation - Part 2 Live recording of my stream of Transformers: That, in a nutshell, is the plot of My Girlfriend is the President.

Witch (Sklort McFungus)

What Does She See in Him? She was deleted in the following episode after losing a climactic Smash Bros. She's still cute, though. Episode 53 heavily implies that she might actually be a Jahn, as many viewers speculated beforehand.

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Crimson Butterflies at http: This irritates Vinny when she says it. My Girlfriend is the President Imagine a world where aliens have invaded and wiped the minds of everybody on Earth.

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Inverted; the exclamation "mmmmmmm" has an obvious pronunciation, but its occurence in her catch phrase is spelled out letter by letter, like HOTDOG. Right Through the Wall: She gains an apparent mean streak as the series goes on.

Flower in Her Hair: Within the streams, the former is used in Tomodachi Life itself, with the latter being used in Super Smash Bros. A two-faced human girl and an anthropomorphic walrus. One of her accessories.

Japanese Game Lets You Date an Alpaca

Protein shakes are her worst and oranges are her worst ever. She appears to be human, but she has an eye that also functions as a mouth and a nose, so Radiometric dating definition simple sentence isn't too sure.

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Not her, but her mother. She doesn't seem to care. Too Many Games Convention Mario will be there.

[Vinesauce] Vinny : Alpaca dating sim | vinesauce

Took a Level in Jerkass: One can only assume After the previously mentioned Donkey Kong incident, she really started treating the other islanders like shit. The Unexpected Corruption Vinny plays with a Mario level randomizer until he seeks more variety.

You don't need any more FOV. Keepers of the Dark - Part 2 Reupload of the last stream! You can find the official Hatoful Boyfriend site here.

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As her name implies, she has two faces. She's referred to as "Two Faced Girl" in the header of her entry Miicharacters.

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Ascended to a Higher Plane of Existence: Homemade Sweater from Hell: Instead, she dreams about standing at the docks only to spot the giant head of David Bowie rising from the water. We-Steve Weinerless Steve A girl with two faces or, to be more accurate, two fake faces on the sides of her face, and a mouth right between her eyes.

Her European counterpart mentions her, and when asked "Whose mother Resembles an ashtray? Streamed live on Vinesauce.

Pigeon Dating Sim

Needless to say, Walrus was devastated. When Dheerse admitted to being devoted to Satan in Episode 51, Two Faced didn't seem happy with this. Her second-most iconic outfit, after the sweater.

Ocarina of Time Repainted A video documentary of me exposing myself to a dangerous dose of memes for a good cause. Sorry about the issues.

[Vinesauce] Vinny : Alpaca dating sim | vinesauce

It's supposed to be an eye, but it's also where her mouth is, so people either draw Two Faced as having three eyes and two mouths or three mouths and two eyes.

And sometimes, it's a hybrid of both. Dire Boar - Vinny condemns her to one in the penultimate episode after she loses the popular vote, sending her to fight Vlinny in Super Smash Bros. A dating sim is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: Sorry for the technical issues.

Best Overall Dating Simulators (#1-2)

Even Evil Has Standards: At least until Donkey Kong comes along. Even though Paca Plus presents us with an absurd scenario, like Hatoful Boyfriend, it still plays like a normal, everyday dating sim, and follows a lot of the tropes of the genre.

Does Not Like Spam: Maybe courting pigeons can teach us something about love? At the end of Episode 53, she is now dangerously close to being evicted from the island, after a successful attempt to sway the votes away from Vlinny by Vinny.

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Vinny attempts to use this on her in order to make her hate Walrus and break up with him. Buy Paca Plus on Steam here.

Vinesauce Rev - Frostpunk: Vertical will do for toiletkun. Begins to lose her hair after leaving Walrus for Dong, though it gets better later.

Beppi The Clown Dating Simulator

Among Japanese otaku especially, dating sims are very popular; one otaku even ritualistically destroyed his old dating sim on his wedding day. Vinny warns her at the start of the Survivor Edition that the fans are not too happy with her.

It's a major reason people believe she's a Jahn. Artwork of her sometimes drops the "cute" part, particularly earlier in the series and after she Took a Level in Jerkass.

This stream got cut short because I was dumb and accidentally turned off the recording. Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Subverted; she unironically wears a Christmas sweater, with a tree and everything.

She dances when given buttered potatoes and launches into space when fed filet mignon.