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It has a lot of cool fights and an interesting plot. He's the perfect voice for Ichigo, I really don't have anything bad to say about him! I think the writers really forced Kokuto's character in some parts, and made it so that we really don't have time to get to know him.

Now, with the help of Kokuto, a new character that shows up out of the blue, Ichigo and his friends will go down to hell to save Yuzu! But seriously, I do think they tried their best to make the ugliest characters we've ever seen.

He's just there helping the group, and that's about it for the majority of the movie.

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It starts off with a somewhat of a flashback to when Ichigo fought Ulquiorra back in Hueco Mundo when he turned into a crazed hollow.

The reason I give story a 7 is because, like I mentioned, it's the exact same as every other Bleach arc or movie.

Even ver pelicula bleach jigoku-hen online dating it's a repeditive show with random sometimes pointless fights, it's still fun to watch! Shuren is voiced by Furuya Toru who has done several main voice roles, but still isn't a very popular voice actor.

Rather than just music playing, there's some chanting and singing along para quitarse el sombrero 2018 bases of dating it that really sounds like an incantation most of the time.

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The explanations are very short and not very informative, to the point that I was wondering if they just cut out half of whatever the characters said to fit it into a movie. That makes the plot a bit more interesting than before! Nothing about this movie really changes how we see them.

The bad guys might not look that attractive actually I take that back, they're just ugly as hellbut it does seem like the artists took the time to do all the shading and colours very nicely, which is something I really enjoyed.

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I'm really glad that they picked him for Kokuto's character because he is perfect for the role! But what I DID love most about this movie is that Ichigo's Hollow has a main part, we don't actually see "Hichigo" as some people call himbut we do see Ichigo's hollow mask show up often and see him do some of his hollow transformations.

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Some voice actors have a way of changing their tone, rolling their tongue, or yelling in a way that makes us know exactly who they are think if Ikkaku or Kenpachi, you can recognize their voice almost immediately.

He sounds very natural when he talks, and always has the exact emotion that is needed for the scene, which usually involves yelling and shouting. The only thing about him is that nothing really stands out about his voice among other people.

His hollow side shows up quite often in this movie because they are going to hell, and because of that, Ichigo is starting to 'lose control' of his hollow powers in a way.

He shows up and is willing to help Ichigo's group, and has the attitude of "I make my own rules. So if you like watching the fights in Bleach and don't care a whole lot about a really unique story, then this movie is perfect!

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Rukia and Renji are the same as Ichigo's VA, they know how to sound great and really bring the character to life! I don't choose sides, I'm on my own side".

Even though I really should, I never get sick of watching Ichigo kick ass! The battles have a lot of movement, and that along with the beautifully detailed backgrounds is like eye-candy for the audience!

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He has an incredible voice that is perfect for a 'cool' and 'badass' character, which Kokuto definitely fits that description.

All in all, it's a great movie! I also just loved having Kokuto in this movie, he was definitely the best addition to this movie, I'm sure you will all like having him in it too!

If you've seen the anime Bleach, then you know how their 'arcs' go.

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I would say this is my favorite of the Bleach movies. Then we have Shuren again. All of his friends are concerned obviously, but Ichigo just wants to save Yuzu, because that's the kind of guy he is.

So to see them in a very unfamiliar place is quite awesome!

The minute those guys took off their robes to reveal what they looked like, I think I screamed a bit Sound: There are several things that happen that link to the original story. Unlike Kokuto, I really knew exactly what he was going to do throughout the entire movie.

He really does Shuren's voice well, he has the sort of 'bad guy voice' that we all can recognize. That caught my attention because I honestly loved that fight, it was very exciting!

Some bad guys from hell show up and kidnap Yuzu, Ichigo's sister. I mean, we've all seen the Bleach cast fight in Soul Society and Karakura multiple times!