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InSBT celebrated its 25th anniversary in a deepening crisis. The 1st campaign spot mirrored the Nine Network 's promo spots but with an original soundtrack.

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Santos ver canal sbt brasil online dating the network's expansion efforts, convincing stations to become SBT and Record affiliates. By the end of the decade SBT held second place in the Brazilian ratings, after Globo, strengthed by a brand new and technologically advanced television complex, the CDT da Anhanguera, inaugurated injust in time for its 15th anniversary.

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Later, it was discovered that this was a hoax; the program was suspended for a week, its audience never recovered and Gugu Liberato its host, once seen as Santos' successor never regained his credibility. She had a spin-off show, Hebe por Elas Hebe for Allduring the early s.

The official launch of the network on August 19, also marked the debut of its first presentation package using its famous circle logo similar to the one used till today by the American Broadcasting Company and dual branding SBT being the official name of the network while TVS being the station branding in its 3 founding stationsand it was the only network launch to be held in Brasilia and broadcast directly from the federal capital city.

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The theme used each year corresponded to NBC's theme for its project: The slogan lasted for three seasons, with a new promo each year. Inthe controversial reality show Casa dos Artistas, accused by many of being a copy of Endemol 's Big Brothermarked the first time SBT led the Sunday-night ratings, aside from tr1m online dating Domingo Legal program becoming no.

Until the formation of SBT, the Silvio Santos Group also had a station named TVS in Nova Friburgoserving viewers in the northern and western parts of the state, this was ver canal sbt brasil online dating its first branch station, having opened in SBT is the second-largest network in the country, vying for leadership with Rede Record.

TV Alagoas left the network in September and to broadcast religious programs, and SBT executive director William Stoliar sued to ensure the network's availability there.

It became one of the network's longest-running programs, running for over 24 years; the final show was at the end ofwhen Camargo ended her contract.

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In Februarythe Communist Party of Brazil sends to the Federal Government a questioning, for which he cut around 75 million dollars in advertising the broadcaster, because of criticism that the journalist Rachel Sheherazade makes against the Government.

Despite problems and even the transfer of talents to other stations such as the then resurgent Rede Recordthe 90s proved to be a boom for the network. In the network lost second place in the ratings to Record, but tied for second place the following year.

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SBT invested in its own telenovelas and remakes of successful ones from other networks most notably Chiquititasvariety programs, news and current affairs and broadcast rights for sporting events including the Copa MercosurCopa do Brasil and Champ Car.

Domestic campaigns Inthe one-minute spot "Aqui Tem" was launched for network-wide use. The death of Flavio Cavacante, one of the network's pioneer presenters, just days after his May 22 episode of his own program shocked the nation so much that on the day of his funeral the network started transmissions only in the afternoon in his honor.

Moreover, it hosted the Brazilian version of Bozo for kids plus even let ex-Tupi program presenters bring their shows over to the fledgling network. Later, he claimed that this was intended as a joke. Some later affiliates were adopted from Rede Tupi after its closure on July 18, by order of Brazilian Minister of Communications Haroldo de Matos, who the following year would order SBT to begin transmissions.

The Matos decision also gave the network the Sumare studios of Tupi for drama production.

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This was widely seen as indicative that Gugu would be Santos' successor on Sunday afternoons, reinforced by the extended timeslot of Gugu's future program Domingo Legal.

The second promo was used on-air for the first time in ; the slogan was used until with two songs composed for this.


Since then SBT has aired the successful Rebelde and shows with child host Maisa Silvawho became popular; however, programs could change without previous announcement even hosts were sometimes out of the loopconfusing the audience.

It returned to SBT on June 1,due to viewer pressure and late rent payments by religious programs. On January 20,the Australian Network Ten launched "That's Entertainment" to coincide with a logo change, using in-house music and similar graphics — and The new channel debuted on May 14,with a logo of a gold circle with the number 11 slanted in gold, which featured in the first Scanimate idents and promos for the channel - making it a pioneer station in the country when it came to computer animation.

It climbed to second place in the Brazilian ratings except in Rio de Janeiro, where Rede Manchete occupied that position. When Rede Tupi went out of business inSantos obtained three stations from the network: In Ten launched "This Is It" with its promo based on the music from "America's Watching", in a different key with different instrumentation and vocals.

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Soon after its launch, its flagship program Programa Silvio Santos on Sundays plus the late night Silvio Santos Diferente on weekdays began to be broadcast Santos left Globo the same year.

By the time of the launch SBT had 18 affiliate channels nationwide. Soon enough, he started plans to have his own television channel.

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In the network released "A cara do Brasil", with new graphics and soundtrack. InSantos pursued a better-quality program lineup, while trying to attract a larger audience and better advertisers. Two events that year marked the beginning of its problems: The network also launched its slogan "Quem procura, acha aqui", modeled on NBC's three-year "Be There" campaign project from —