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Adaptation of the novel by Frances Viadiu.

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Brigada Central TVE, — 14 episodes of 50 minutes. Mystery about a murdered student. Antivicio Antena 3, — 13 episodes of 60 minutes.

La chica de ayer Antena 3, 8 episodes of 70 minutes. Sequel of Colegio mayor. Comedy about a Spaniard and a Domician living in a humble district of Madrid. Spin off of 7 vidas. Soap opera set in Andalusia in the 19th century. Comedy about a man widow. Drama about a group of firemen.

Calle nueva TVE, — episodes of 30 minutes.

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Angelino Pastor TVE, 13 episodes of 30 minutes. Series about immigration in Catalonia. Drama set in the s and starring a bourgeois 7-year girl.

Adaptations of fantasy Works of Spanish literatura.

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About a young female journalist. Comedy about romantic relationships among history. Comedy about a travel agency. Cervantes TVE, 9 episodes of 90 minutes. Corta-T Cuatro, 9 episodes of 30 minutes.

Cuarto de estar TVE, — 52 episodes of 25 minutes. Series set in a village. Sequel of Amar en tiempos revueltos. Gag series about a city where all people have an absurdly high cultural level. Anillos de oro TVE, 13 episodes of 50 minutes. Sketches set in an elevator. Las chicas de oro TVE, 25 episodes of 50 minutes.

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Unrelated plots all about the master-servant relationship. Cuentos para mayores TVE, — 25 episodes of 30 minutes. Acacias 38 La 1, — present Soap opera set in Academia de baile Gloria TVE, 16 episodes of 60 minutes. El castigo Antena 3, Miniseries of 2 episodes of 80 minutes.

Cuentos populares europeos TVE, — 12 episodes dof 90 minutes. Camino de Santiago Antena 3, Miniseries of 3 episodes of 90 minutes. Animales racionales TVE, 13 episodes of 30 minutes.


About the summer vacations of some women. Comedy about some university students. Bec rios La Siete, — Comedy about a group of stipends set in front of a photocopier. Life of two families in a village of La Hoya de Alcoy in the s.

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Adaptations of fairy tales. Bajo el mismo techo TVE, 13 episodes of 50 minutes. The evil king Grog is always trying to steal to the Aurones their gold but always fails. Buscando el norte Antena 3, Celia TVE, 6 episodes of 45 minutes. Una bala para el Rey Antena 3, Miniseries of 2 episodes of 50 minutes.

Series about a team of television journalists.