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Undine dating pathfinder, replaces energy resistance

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Stagnant, poisoned, or trapped water such as an artificial pit or a bag of holding does not activate this ability. Amphibious Some undines are born with a permanent bond to water. The Familiar is one with a good charisma score and hands or spellcasting monkey, or a fairy dragon for improvedand he uses wands Cure Light Wounds, Grease, etc.

With a penalty to Strength, melee builds are tougher, though you can still make a great Dex-based Magus or Monk. Definitely ignore the favored class option.

An undine can use this ability to regain 2HP per level per day.

Replaces Darkvision

This spell must be at least one level below the highest spell level he can cast. This ability replaces your normal darkvision of 60 feet at all times with darkvisionbut only when underwater. Often these races share protective duties over forested lakes and streams.

Some undines are born with a permanent bond to water.

Like all planetouched, they are an extremely mutable species, displaying a wide variety of forms and mutations, all ultimately harkening back to the sea.

Originally from a plane of guerras punicas resumen yahoo dating consisting mainly of water, the Undine were pulled into Tulun during the time of The Reckoning, and most can be found in the kingdom of Kajir where so many opportunities are available and equality is king.

See the Linguistics skill page for more information about these languages.

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You can make a decent ranged Alchemist out of your undine character, especially if your GM lets you use the Underwater Demolition discovery, which lets you use bombs underwater, though it was written for grippli originally.

This neutral view also allows them to interact with a broad scope of non-undine races with whom they trade. While good-natured and somewhat playful among their own kind, they behave with slightly more reserve and seriousness in the company of non-undines.

Intermarriage in undine communities is common, with children raised communally. Pathfinder's undines trace their ancestry to denizens of the Elemental Planes associated with Water.

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Undines are outsiders with the native subtype. They perceive their individual differences as gifts and explore the supernatural aspects of their unique heritage to the fullest. Replaces Darkvision; undine has Darkvision ft underwater and no darkvision above-water. Couple this with Nereid Fascination and you can shut down entire combats all on your own!

Water Sense Energy Resistance: Source Advanced Race Guide pg. This is probably not as good as the Nereid Fascination ability, overall. Undines have a base speed of 30 feet on land.

All of the suggestions I made for the Cleric also apply for a Druid, but you also get access to a racial archetype, the Undine Adept.

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Bard Advanced Race Guide pg. Triton Magic Some undines—often from Outsea—descend from tritons, rather than genies. This will obviously be useful in an aquatic campaign, but not one that is mostly on land. Domain are identical to those found in the Pathfinder Advanced Race Guide p Druid Advanced Race Guide pg.

Undine Characters

Though land-dwellers, they spend a fair amount of time in the water. Cold Resistance 5 Water Affinity: This racial trait replaces water affinity. Racial Favored Class Options: Darkvision 60 feet Spell-like Ability: Weird Pathfinder Builds Originally Posted by Benthesquid The party is currently low level, so things where the weirdness comes online in the first fivish levels would be preferable, and I'd like to avoid third party!

Undines hold no biases or prejudices toward any particular races. Cleric Advanced Race Guide pg. The Animal Companion is always a Gorilla who takes his first attribute raise as Intelligence.

Undine (7 RP)

These undines have a breath weapon that is a 5-foot cone of slime usable once per day. Undines can cast hydraulic push once per day, which puts out fires and lets you perform a bull rush combat maneuver using your caster level plus whichever of your mental stats is highest as your base attack bonus.

The term has since been used repeatedly in fantasy media for various water-related elementals. Combine this with Water Sense, for sure.

Weird Pathfinder Builds

Others adventure for less wholesome reasons, and exile is a common punishment for crimes within undine society. I like this mostly because of the favored class option, which lets you add Cleric or Druid spells to your spell list, which is NICE!

Ooze Breath Spell-like ability: As with the other elemental races, undines get a bonus to Charisma when using Sorcerer powers if they take the water elemental bloodline, and they can trade away their racial cold resistance without fear since the bloodline grants better cold resistance at 3rd level.

A typical undine community lives under the guidance of a small council comprising officials appointed by consensus. Undines have cold resistance 5.