UFC Jones v Sonnen UFC Jones v Sonnen

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UFC light heavyweight title: Can he do that here? Both are quick to get up and Miller clinches him against the fence. Belcher misses a low legkick. Body shot by Davis. Vinny looking tired as Davis fakes the takedown and follows up with a big right hand.

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Healy on top in half-guard position. Davis with a right hand and the round closes. Miller clinches and lets go. My goodness, talk cynthia kaye mcwilliams dating irony.

Dean temporarily stops the fight for a low-blow but Bisping shrugs it off. Jones has a broken foot and only realized it at the beginning of his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan. Bisping starts off the round well.

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Vinny Magalhaes Round 1: Chael Sonnen Round 1: Highkick and another stiff jab by Davis. That did not stop Jones from finishing Machida, and Sonnen does not have the striking prowess of a Machida. Another solid right hand by Bisping. Both men circling in the center and Belcher slips.

Bisping is pressing the action and throwing frequent shots, but not landing with much power. Miller escapes and elbows Healy.

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Roy clocks him with a humungous right hand as Kongo goes backwards and he is out. Vinny looking rather zombified. Slow third round but a good striking display from Davis. Belcher comes out southpaw.

I mean, ok cool, pick one though. Miller with a hook to the body. Bisping comes out to the most obnoxious, 2: Cheick Kongo The charismatic and popular Nelson has built a fan following with exciting fights and by playing up his rotund physique.

UFC 159 Jones vs Sonnen (2013)

Davis throws a one-two combo that misses. Jones is working a single-leg and lands a big uppercut. Not much going on here. Vinny with a high-kick that just misses.

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His submission defense rate may look high at 76 percent, but that figure has been compiled against 21 different submission attempts. Sonnen takes the center quickly and Jones gets the takedown!

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Bisping goes for a highkick but misses. Major eyepoke and Belcher crumbles. Jones begins throwing punches and elbows from inside Sonnen's guard. Headkick misses by Vinny.

Alan Belcher This is a crucial fight for each man. Big right hand by Vinny. Nice elbow by Jones from top position. In fact, if we were not matching him against Jones here, his stats would look pretty impressive. Healy with a big swing and a miss. Cheick Kongo Round 1: Sonnen gets a big takedown again.

Nice right hand by Davis followed by a left that connects. Big Dan tells him to keep going and Vinny protests. Bisping congratulates Belcher and apologizes for the unintentional blow.

UFC Jones vs. Sonnen

Big left hand by Bisping gets through in an exchange. Both men hug after talking a whole lot about each other, good to see. That leaves us with one more outlet for Sonnen: A very good wrestler, he gave Anderson Silva great difficulty in the middleweight division.

We will, we will rock you, guys.

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Eyepoke by Belcher and they stop the fight temporarily. Jones has a broken foot that looks utterly gross. Third-straight, first-round knockout for Roy, who is making a serious case for a title fight right now.

Bisping with another right hand, followed by another not too powerful, though. Bisping lands a nice hook. Alan Belcher Round 1: Left hook by Davis hits Vinny right in the chin. Belcher moves in aggressively and immediately gets countered by Bisping with a punch.

Healy now looking for a choke. Davis carefully picking his shots.

UFC 159: Jones vs. Sonnen

However, few believe he has any chance against Jones. Davis goes for a takedown and lets Vinny back up again — which is clearly frustrating the hell out of Vinny. Jon Jones, TKO, round 1.