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You have to understand what the worst is like as an experience for it to actually matter. Season Finale Gabe Delahaye September 12, - 2: Is this more amazing than I even fathom?! Besides, heaven is great. Here is the fork with egg dripping from its tines.

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I learned all about relationships. Eat up, boys, you must be famished!

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Then she says that she got fired from her job and she wants them to join her in a revolution against the Vampire Government. Alcide goes to his work at the parking lot?!

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And then, of course, came the finale cliffhanger of the season. Break up with your boyfriend. Bill and Eric are on fire!

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And we have to be the ones to remember that? There is the Andy Bellefleur might go on a date with a waitress.

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That was a lot easier than Marnie thought, probably. Do you need someone to talk to? Meanwhile, the fairy plotline from the beginning of the season continues to be completely unmentioned and unresolved. Speaking of brunch, Sookie and Tara are also having brunch.

You have dated two vampires and are flirting with a werewolf, you are a telepathic fairy, and you just beat a witch one year to the day after you beat a Greek goddess.

Dude was, like, 29 years old.

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As with all of these things, they are best done on the front lawn. Uh, how did everyone suddenly become very magical? It is a little late for hoping not. He knows the magical power-swap incantation and everything!

You OK, Alan Ball? I have the right to choose my time, and I probably would have gotten cancer. That is the implication when Alcide visits her at the restaurant and tells her to fall in love with him.

True Blood: Season 4

Lafayette stabs Jesus in the hand with the fork. Are you guys sitting down? Here is Lafayette holding the fork up by his face. But not before the show gives us lots of menacing close ups of the fork.

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And now, on to the cliffhangers: No time to explain! Who knows, they might be possessed by a witch who is going to stab you in the hand with a fork. And the day before he was going to retire from magic! I am from heaven! This is a very good show.

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Here is the fork being stuck into an egg. This show ends like dog shit. After fucking they have a really soulful conversation about blowjobs or something?