Angela Yee and Trey Songz - Bing images Angela Yee and Trey Songz - Bing images

Trey songz interview with angela yee dating. Episode ft. trey songz from angela yee's lip service on podbay

She's Weezy's babymama for godsake, but oh well lol! Especially when I see his music videos!

Angela Yee's Lip Service: Trey Songz (LSN Podcast Throwback)

I was thinking if he is dating Lauren will he become apart of that click that Lauren's hangs with. Log in or register to post comments Sep 28, - I am not saying that he is or isn't in a relationship but all we can do is be happy for him either way it goes It would kind of ruin da fantasy though.

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Log in or register to post comments Sep 27, - Many of us kind of figured he maybe dating someone anyway. Sep 28, - Of course I want him to be happy relationship wise as long it's the woman God wants him to be with.

Episode 85: Ft. Trey Songz

Everyone deep down inside wishes he wasn't with anyone! But there's a difference between a male R Sep 28, - Well if he is dating Lauren she must be very cool with the fact that he kisses other women in the mouth during his performances. Only him and the mystery woman if there is one or not, whether if it is Lauren or someone else.

I just wish him much success and complete happiness with everything in his life.

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But overall i loved the interview he's so damn laid back with a sexy swagg Log in or register to post comments Sep 27, - I guess Lauren wants to redeem herself by getting another man. But hey da way I see it its not like I'm gonna be with Trey anyways, so congrats to him if dey are together.

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I'm a little skeptical about the Lauren London part too. Perhaps Trey doesn't mind being a stepdaddy. She's "special" because she met his mom, and i mean the other woman had to be Helen. I am not ok with him and Lauren London though she's bad but she had a baby by lil wayne I'm not going to lie she is a cute girl but i would rather see him with someone else.


If he is dating her I wonder how his mom feels about his lady having a child. Sep 27, - Lauren's name has be thrown around for a minute.

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Trey is da bestest! But in da back of my mind he's always gonna be mines Lol!

Angela Yee

I think da reason why Trey won't admit to the relationship wit him and Lauren London is because he thinks he'll lose his appeal to his fans like Usher did when he got married. LOL you know Trey has a couple of female friends. Some people told me that Lauren was with him on the PPP tour.

He keeps it So they have to have some type of relationship other than "good friends" imjussaying.

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He probably will never publicize a relationship right now in his career.