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Realistically you could grow that much, now. Tobi was revealed to be Obito in Chapter But Obito and Tobi? Then, a few issues ago, we see that Madara knew all about the Edo Ishtar dating games and how to release himself from it.

Tobi/Obito x Reader

We have a goal! But we still can't let ourselves ignore content when it's there. He's always wanted to be Hokage, same as Madara. He came here every year to torture himself mentally by looking at your tombstone. You found out you were carrying his child, it's two months old, you just couldn't tell him since he's been away on a mission.

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Let's not be hotheads here please. But if it is Tobi my guess would be it has something to do with his body's alteration to be honest. Originally Posted by Dacien. That's a good question. Nagato vs sasuke yahoo dating phayao gateway hotel.

We need to be patient and see what chapter and the ones that follow to see the backstory. Only a few things do not makes sense, so it's safe to assume Tobi was Obito for the most part. I couldn't even protect my second love.

[Anime] Is Tobi Obito?

Wikipedia being the most prominent. Did we wait two or more chapters to see if Edo Madara was just Madara's body, and that Tobi had his soul?

It would be hell, the growth pains would hurt but you could. I know it's hard to come to terms with, but the chapter's literally called "Obito Uchiha", and his face is revealed at the end.

We knew nothing more and nothing less.

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Kishimoto sucks when it comes to showing off age of his drawings. If we are gunning for a seamless page, it would be most plausible and helpful for the editors to get all the fact straight. He was angry at the fact that he was weak, stubborn and he couldn't protect you and the unborn child you expected.

When you lock the door you immediately wrap your arms around him enjoying the feeling of having him back. We've never withheld content before, due to a few gaps and unexplained facts.

It's been 4 weeks. What if I told you that I found proof that Tobi is with out a shadow of a doubt Obito? You've been Obito's girlfriend since a year after Rin's death.

Obito is Tobi?

I'd say we rather wait for the next chapter next week and see how the narrative bridges those intervening years. Honestly, this lack of professional integrity is disgusting. BUT it was said. They been unnecessarily strict about the Tobi article for years now. I find it strikingly similar to Tobis technique in how he uses his sharingan to vortex people into another dimenson as well as killing them with it.

I understand there was more information to fill the gaps, since Tobi already had a sizable amount of info to stand as it's own article seperate from Madara.

Es cierto que tobi es madara uchiha yahoo respuestas. I know the majority above are already raring to merge the Tobi and Obito articles, but I must emphasize that considering the mountain of backstory necessary to bridge the time-skip between Obito's "death" and, at the earliest, Minato's confrontation with Tobi, merging everything right now can muck up the narrative of the page.

Let's see if and admin merges it. Odds are he's Madara pulling the strings on this puppet show and that Obito is really working for him So therefor the only person who knows Tobi's true identity is Zetsu You need to add a signature when you reply. For example, 11 years old Itachi is as tall as mature Orochimaru-- Elveonora talk However it made sense in the last chapted of the Naruto manga and it hit me.

I find that to Ironic. Edit Since it's obvious the articles will be merged sooner or later, I'm just gonna say Obito in reference to this article.

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A man who seeks revenge for his grandfather, his father, for all the Uchihas who have died and above all to create the world he invisoned, the perfect world. We always have warm dead bodies. He always replayed how you two were happy, and how you were suddenly gone.

All the time-related ones which give a lot of illogical sense to the plot, and the motivational-related which are like "why the fuck would he do that"? The point is, "Madaras attack" as Minato said, a "Man in a Mask" attacked therefore there was no indication Madara was that man came very shortly after Obito died very very shortly.

How could you say that about our child!? But I want to know what you guys and gals think about what he said. Not many people can fit this together or even really payed attention to it. Perfectly conceivable that Kurama I'm tired of saying "the nine-tails".

I really do not think he is possible. I know his name!

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Originally Posted by Wells This is America. When he cut off his arm there was no blood at all, to me it looked as though that side of his body was fake.

Your lack of perspective is cringe-worthy. We should get this underway. Merging the articles when there's a chance of requiring them to be split again is pointless. That key development needs better data, which the next chapter should provide.