The Bahá'í Community of Ashkhabad The Bahá'í Community of Ashkhabad

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The two who had carried out the murder were sentenced to death, four to imprisonment and exile to Siberia, one to imprisonment and one was found not guilty. This was put on the stage in Ashkhabad by a Russian company in There are daily buses to Archman, Dashoguz and Turkmenabat.

In the same it was declared about intention to build Ashkhabad subway. Inthe five-year lease on the House of Worship was times dating in ashgabat ashkhabad. Construction of several ministries and departments, teaching and research and cultural centres is complete.

Initially, the leadership of the community was vested in those who were its leading members intellectually or in terms of wealth. The capital of Turkmenistan acts as a cultural and sports center for the country. It is situated in the south of the country at the foothills of the Kopetdag mountain ridge in Turan lowland in the immediate vicinity of the borders of Iran; it lies in the same latitude with Athens, Seoul and San-Francisco.

These two brothers had been among the most wealthy and respected merchants in Isfahan and the Imam-Jum'a owed them a considerable sum. It is dangerous to Communism because of its broadmindedness, its tolerance, its international outlook, the attention it pays to women's education and its insistence on the equality of the sexes.

From about onwards, the pressure intensified. Bythey had reached the Aral Sea; Tashkent was captured in ; Samarkand in ; and Khiva in Thus came into being the Russian province of Transcaspia, which in was separated from the control of the Government of the Caucasus. Shirin Akiner, pages London: Nighttimes in the summer are warm, with an average minimum temperature in July of In the political sphere social reformers appear to the communists more harmful than 'reactionaries', and in the religious field an outlook which is mindful of sung hoon dating social problems is thought more obnoxious than out-of-date obscurantism.

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From October 19, to December 31, the city also had the Ashgabat trolleybus system. Thus they were regarded by the communist authorities as archetypal class enemies see for example comments in the Great Soviet Encyclopaedia, vol. But times dating in ashgabat ashkhabad victory of counter-revolutionaries did not last long.

On 18 Octoberthe Ashgabat Cable Car opened, connecting the city with the foothills of the Kopetdag. The court found against the perpetrators of the crime.

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Shaykh Muhammad Qa'ini arrived in Ashkhabad in about and only stayed a short time before journeying to Bukhara where he died in When the Russians decided to make this the site of the capital of Transcaspia, they built a European-style city.

The community was, by this time, composed largely of merchants, especially in the tea trade, and shopkeepers, especially of glass products from Russia.

As it has been already mentioned and has already been known, Ashkhabad is a capital and at the same time the largest city of Turkmenistan. But it occurred that fate has decreed otherwise. During first five-year plan after the war it was supposed to construct new enterprises, to reconstruct existing, to develop textile, food, building and metalworking industries.

Ethnic composition of the city is very diverse. Here Captain Alexander Tumanski met him and obtained much information and many manuscripts which he forwarded to Russia. The Spiritual Assembly in Ashkhabad appointed a number of committees to which it delegated some of its functions.

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They came to Ashkhabad, presumably because the construction of the new town gave rise to plenty of work for skilled builders. One of the most well-known and well-publicised episodes was the execution in Isfahan of two merchant Sayyid brothers.

Strangely enough, in spite of importance it represents now, Ashkhabad cannot boast of its ancient rich history.

When the Ashkhabad ancient military fortress was built inthe city became the administrative center of the Trans-Caspian region. He even encouraged them, if it would be conducive to their remaining in Ashkhabad, to adopt Russian citizenship.

The city was rebuilt after Turkmenistan gained independence. Modern construction techniques allow high-rise development mainly 12 storeys with relatively good protection against earthquakes.

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He was in charge of the school there until his death in InTechnology University of Oguzhan was opened with Japanese education support and subjects are taught in English and Japanese. It was the most imposing building in Ashkhabad, larger in size than any of the churches or mosques in the city.

Islam, both in its Shiite and Sunnite form, is attacked by the communists because it is reactionary encourages nationalist narrowmindedness and obstructs the education and emancipation of women. Transport The system of public transport in Ashkhabad, which has buses and trolleybuses, is well-developed.

An increasing number of the younger generation were, however, going on to universities in Russia and were being trained in the professions. The Russians gradually advanced into this area throughout the years to The average high temperature in July is A military tribunal, sent from St Peters burg, tried the case in November By the end of the year, it was reported that: There are also many foreign citizens working as diplomats or clerks in the embassies of their respective countries.

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The layout is exactly as in the book. He remained in Ashkhabad for the rest of his life 10 and will be referred to again. In order to get out of paying his debt, the Imam-Jum'a put himself in league with another prominent religious leader, Aqa Najafi, and denounced the two brothers as adherents of the new religion.

It cannot be compared to such ancient sites of Turkmenistan as Merv, Kunya-Urgench or Nisa, which in due time were important centres of states, founded here by powerful dynasties of rulers. Inthe latter's brother, Hajji 'Abdu'l-Husayn, who lived in Quchan a short distance across the border from Ashkhabad, travelled to that city and purchased land both for the Afnan family 4 and himself.

By Aprilit was reported that 40 families were receiving financial assistance from the spiritual Assembly. The city itself lies on the plain a short distance from the mountains, which here are quite rugged and rocky.

With the formation of the Turkmen SSR on 27 October the city became the capital of the republic and in it was given the name of Ashgabat. At first, the Turkmen did not live in the city itself, the population of which was therefore principally composed of troops and government officials from Russia who lived in the European quarter of the city, and others from Iran and the Caucasus as well as a number of Jews and Armenians who lived in the business quarter.

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Yimpas closed as of December It even sometimes seems that the territory where the city was situated in antiquity has no relation to the state, to which it belonged. This article has been scanned and may contained errors due to the process of scanning and optical character recognition. From tothe severe restrictions on the religious activities of the community continued.

These mostly came from Isfahan, Yazd and Milan in Azerbaidzhan. The ethnic composition of the population was quite diverse: