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Hershel indicates that the soldier was just a boy, while Carl says the boy drew on them and was forced to act. The Governor and his men assault the prison, only to be waylaid and forced to flee when the alarms go off and walkers attack.

The Governor not only leaves a bleeding-out Milton to kill Andrea, but also slaughters virtually his entire army, then drives off without any consequences.

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As they prepare for pursuit, Rick again ugup lots of fish dating Carl about the shooting. The group discovers the interrogation room - inside, Milton is dead and Andrea is laying a few feet away.

Milton is dead, but his fingers start to move. They come upon the massacred soldiers and are investigating when Karen reveals herself, having hidden herself in one of the trucks. Smoke grenades go off and the prison alarm sounds. They reluctantly get in.

Welcome to the Tombs

You Have Failed Me: He yells at the soldiers for abandoning the assault, only to hear them say that it isn't worth their lives. The group moves further into the corridors, only to be surprised when several smoke grenades go off and the alarms sound.

Milton is told to gather his tools and kill Andrea, although in the ensuing moments, Milton drops his tools and leaves a pair of pliers on the ground. The Governor massacres the Woodbury army when they refuse to attack the prison again. Glenn and Maggie offer to help guard the prison in case the Governor returns.

Carl was likely remembering how Rick used the same tactic to get close and kill Shane last season. Elsewhere, Michonne thanks Rick for not going through with the deal and allowing her to stay with the group.

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Meanwhile, the Governor splits up his troops to investigate the dark prison corridors known as the "tombs". It only works because he had ran out of ammo while delivering headshots to the gunned-down people so they wouldn't become walkers. As the Good Book Says Majority of the Woodbury residents defected to Rick's group upon realizing what kind of a person The Governor is.

Carl believes that the Woodbury soldier wasn't going to surrender, while Hershel believes the boy would give up his weapon. He shuffles toward Andrea, who manages to cut through her bonds with the pliers just as Milton reaches her.

Carl's response when Rick questions why he killed the young Woodbury soldier. In the cell block, Michonne forgives Rick for considering the Governor's offer and thanks him for allowing her into the group. Walkers attack the Governor's men, forcing them to retreat outside where Glenn and Maggie ambush them with gunfire.

Michonne stays with Andrea while the group waits outside.

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Martinez and Shumpert watch in horror. In Woodbury, Tyreese checks in on the women and children. Rick and the others return to the prison - this time, with the remaining citizens of Woodbury and Andrea's body. Allen, who is standing behind The Governor, turns his gun on him, only to be gunned down as well.

The Governor orders Milton to gather his tools and kill Andrea, but Milton instead attacks the Governor. Andrea asks for a gun, and Michonne tearfully stays with her as the rest of the group.

Even Evil Has Standards: Shumpert and Martinez are visibly shaken when the Governor single-handedly guns down their entire Army. Both Sides Have a Point: Carl orders the boy to drop his weapon, although the latter insists on handing it over.

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In "Seed", Michonne is looking after Andrea. The only thing she can say to Rick and the others is "I tried". She manages to cut through her bonds as Milton reanimates and attacks her, then screams as a gunshot goes off. They head to the interrogation room and notice a pool of blood under the door.

Incensed, The Governor opens fire and massacres the civilians as Shumpert and Martinez look on horrified. Carl is eager to take part, and boasts about his kill.