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It is also, much of the time, extremely funny. Despite the obvious charismatic interaction between Lemmon and Matthau, the film is oddly stilted. When Hildy the front page billy wilder online dating Earl hidden in the press room, his sense of journalist prevails and he calls Walter to protect Earl together with the unseen power of the press.

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Sorry to disagree, Mr. Hildy Johnson Jack Lemmonwho is the best newspaperman of the Chicago Examiner, tells his boss Walter Burns Walter Matthau that he will marry the widow concert pianist Peggy Grant Susan Sarandon on the next day and quits his job, telling that he will move to Philadelphia and work in advertisement business.

Movie Reviews Reviewed by bkoganbing 7 I'm sure that the reason for Billy Wilder to do a remake of The Front Page is the fact that around the time this was made, politicians running for office on 'law and order' platforms was suddenly coming into vogue. Speaking of His Girl Friday, my favorite part in all versions of The Front Page is that of the messenger from the governor carrying Earl Williams reprieve.

Walter unsuccessfully tries to use a scheme to force Hildy to stay in the Examiner and cover the execution on the gallows. My vote is eight. I definitely agree with the view held by some that this magnificent work deserves much wider recognition than it has received.

He always remains a little outside it, acting. I'm sorry, but I just can't find the slightest defect. Reelection, breaking news stories, political motivations; this is a strategies for using linkedin for dating and dirty look at the press' perhaps necessary ability to detach themselves from tragedy and instead focus on monetary gain.

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Meanwhile, the governor's representative Plunkett Paul Benedict comes with a retreat on Earl, but the dirty Mayor Harold Gould and the Sheriff do not acknowledge the receipt of the document and send Plunkett to a brothel.

Zwar handelt es the front page billy wilder online dating hier bereits um die dritte Adaption des Stoffes, doch war keine davor und danach jemals schlecht und Wilder und seinem Ensemble Lemmon, Matthau, Sarandon, Durning etc. Carol Burnett was a big fan of Billy Wilder and it is mentioned in a recent biography of Wilder that she wanted very much to be in one of his films.

Carol got her wish and did very well as Molly the prostitute who befriends poor Earl Williams, the anarchist who accidentally killed a policeman and is jestes nastepny online dating to be hung.

To me, this is a perfect ten. Of course he's the butt of all the jokes in the pressroom, but I thought it rather funny when at the end when title cards show what happened to all the principal characters, he was the only one with a happily ever after ending.

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This version of the tale, which as in the source sees unscrupulous Chicago editor Walter Burns Walter Matthau trying to persuade ace reporter Hildy Johnson Jack Lemmon to drop his fiancee Susan Sarandonand cover a hot murder case, is as much a homage to the play and the era than it is a film in its own right.

And here's the news: Jack Lemmon and Vincent Gardenia have also excellent performances. Read More Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 8 On 06 Junein Chicago, the press is covering from the tribunal press room, the hanging of the anarchist Earl Williams Austin Pendleton that accidentally killed a cop and will happen on the next day.

The Front Page is most certainly of the comedy variety but also has some very serious political views behind corruption in governments. Billy Wilder's take is funny, but simply feels like it is retreading the same territory as the play and the other films with little innovation and it may also be miscast in certain parts.

Eggelhofer with the sheriff's revolver on the groin and escapes. In an overly emphatic turn, the miscast Burnett easily gives the most awful performance of her career.

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Wilder, but I believe that in few films you got a chance as good as this one to demonstrate your spectacular sense of rhythm and comic timing, and get performances as astounding from everyone involved; the Lemmon-Matthau unbeatable duo works like a perfectly greased machine at full blast and I definitely prefer their vicious bickering to the flirty, romantically-intentioned banter of Grant and Russell; and all the rest of the cast I think is perfect too, for example Sarandon, who with just one look can convey her frustration and her resigned acceptance at her husband-to-be's inability to change Qualen had a patent on those little men up against the system parts.

Of course other things now that the Code was lifted could also be made more explicit. The ironic conclusion with the fate of each character is hilarious. It's an interesting characterization he does. People are immoral, what else is new?

Matthau and Lemmon put in their usual faultless turns, but cannot lift a pervading air of pointlessness. She projects only one emotion - a gratingly annoying hysteria. Eggelhofer Martin Gabel for the last check whether the prisoner is sane or not and the doctor proposes a simulation of the murder, but Earl shots Dr.

Wilder's own One, Two, Three. The cohesive force is, instead, the director's fondness for frauds, which, I suspect, is really an admiration for people who barrel on through life completely intimidating those who should know better.

Maybe it's time for another remake of The Front Page. This is how you make a comedy: Seemed like a case of perfect timing to me.

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He settled down with a life partner and ran an antique store. The direction is depressingly flat and stagy, Wilder running on empty.

Just like a large proportion of Wilder's other work, he made sure to make additional comments on smaller subjects gender and sexualityand in that regard, it fell close to Some Like it Hot which also stars Jack Lemmon.

Lemmon is comparatively reserved as the flamboyant Hildy, never quite letting go of his familiar comic personality to become dominated by the lunacies of the farce.

With Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau as the main actors, there was little to go wrong. David Wayne's character of Benzinger is quite openly gay in the film.

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While it is easy to see why he was attracted to this material. Wilder has great fun with the period newspaper detail.

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A rather subtle comment on the sanctity of heterosexual marriage decades before gay marriage was an issue. The chief example among these was Richard Nixon and we all know what happened to him in Critical reception[ edit ] Vincent Canby of The New York Times thought the story was "a natural" for Wilder and Diamond, who "have a special and, to my mind, very appealing appreciation for vulgar, brilliant con artists of monumental tackiness.

I have never had the chance to see the original film, but this cynical remake is great, with top-notch performances of Walter Matthau in the role of a Machiavellian editor that has no ethics and presses his top journalist to stay in his newspaper.

One never enjoys the film so much as when her character throws herself out of a window. Sad to say that demagogic politicians who bray about law and order are still among us.

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Featuring two tremendous performances from Wilder regular Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, Wilder's passion for exploring things like journalistic ethics and corruption of power are clear, because those two things essentially dominate the film.

Carol Burnett has an even tougher time as Molly Malloy. Murder and dangers run rampant, but in typical Wilder fashion, everybody only cares about their own agenda. Billy Wilder always trikes me as a very interesting individual, given that his films went from Noir to Comedy as he got older.

This role may well be impossible, however, since it requires the actress to play for straight melodrama while everyone around her is going for laughs.