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Bottomly Henry Fonda appointed as its head.

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There is another murder during the time the man is under observation, thus clearing him of suspicion. Under interrogation and hypnosis, his homicidal impulses are exposed.

After several sessions, Bottomly manages to reveal DeSalvo's hidden personality to himself. Bottomly expresses the opinion that it would be the second-best thing to a conviction.

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While the funeral of John F. His "normal" personality fabricates memories in place of the memories of murder committed by bristol evening post dating mail "strangler" personality.

He attacks her, tying her to her bed with rags ripped from her dress.

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Plot[ edit ] After three murders of elderly women, with all victims being strangled and penetrated with foreign objects, the Boston police conclude that they have a serial killer on their hands. Several suspects are interrogated, but they are all released.

Meticulously cast, The Boston Strangler offers excellent vignettes by Sally Kellerman as the Strangler's only surviving victim and by Hurd Hatfield as an erudite sex pervert.

Crime / Drama

Conventional interrogation is ineffective because the treating physician theorizes that DeSalvo suffers from a split personality: As the murders stretch over several police jurisdictionsa "Strangler Bureau" is set up to coordinate the investigations, with John S. The severely masochistic man is taken in for psychiatric observation for ten days, but nothing conclusive tying him to the murders is found.

Later, he tries to enter the apartment of another woman, only to find that her husband is home.

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Well-played by Tony Curtis whose makeup is startlingDeSalvo himself does not appear until an hour into the film. Instead, he gains entry into the apartment of a woman by posing as a plumber sent by the building supervisor.

However, DeSalvo is taken aback by the sight of himself in a mirror as he tries to subdue the woman, and she struggles free and bites his hand. As the body count grows, Bottomly, in desperation, calls in a psychic, Peter Hurkos George Voskovecwho pinpoints a man who seems to fit the profile.

DeSalvo is apprehended by a passing police patrol.

The Boston Strangler (1968)

Reeling from the shock, DeSalvo slips into a catatonic state. The treating physician theorizes that DeSalvo could be made to confront the facts but that the shock risks putting him in a catatonic state. Found incompetent to stand trial for attempted breaking and entering, he is committed to a hospital for psychiatric observation.

When caught, the schizophrenic DeSalvo insists that he knows nothing of the murders. Adapted by Edward Anhalt from the book by Gerold Frank, the film covers the years toduring which time a dozen women were raped and murdered in the Boston area.

Kennedy is on television, Albert DeSalvo Tony Curtis leaves his wife and children, under the pretext of work.


When Boston Strangler was first shown on TV ina voice-over coda was added, noting that Albert DeSalvo was stabbed to death in prison on November 26,and that many experts were convinced that he was not the killer but that his confessions were the product of a delusional mind.

As these things often happen, the police come across the necessary evidence through pure luck. Under the condition, imposed by DeSalvo's defense counsel, that none of what comes to light is admissible in courtBottomly is allowed a final round of interviews with DeSalvo.

Observing the wound on DeSalvo's hand the woman who survived attack could remember biting him but not his appearancethe pair soon target him as a prime suspect for the Boston Strangler murders.

State-appointed officer John Bottomly Henry Fonda arrests as many known sex offenders as he can get his hands on in hopes of finding a clue as to the Boston Strangler's identity.