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Siren is unique in that they match singles based on their answers to the Question of the Day. The press called us game-changers, giving women a more comfortable space and humanizing an industry that desperately needs humanizing.

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Shaping a Team David Golightly joined Siren at the beginning of Thanks to its Question of the Day matching system, Siren sets up the context for discussing engaging topics like bucket list items and philosophical questions and pairs people through those authentic and entertaining conversations.

They said the reason that they wanted us was because we were the only app that really felt like it encouraged conversations which led to real life meetings which is, of course, what their business needs!

With their sleek interfaces, fun features, and hand-held formats, dating apps have revolutionized the way people date. We were really careful about growing the community with a certain kind of reputation. Word spread and Radio dating gcse english has been a leading, inclusive dating app ever since.

Susie said these can be a great alternative to the usual coffee date, which can often end up feeling like a business meeting or job interview. They took their time researching the tech space and getting feedback from friends and experts before and during development.

The success stories have been rolling in. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. We are here trying to give people a fighting chance to alleviate loneliness and find a real physical connection. Growing a Community We started the year on iPhone as an invitation-only heterosexual dating app limited to Seattle.

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Privacy is important to Siren, so you can keep your photos blurred until you make a connection. We've heard from members who have formed lasting relationships and even couples who are engaged.

I never fist-pumped as hard as the moment Siren was announced. We are so grateful that something that started as an idea has come to occupy such an important position in many people's lives, and we couldn't have done it without our community.

You have the option to keep your photos blurred and only visible to your connections, or you can leave your photos visible to everyone. We navigated the crazy stresses by sharing responsibility, learning to recognize mistakes faster, and trying to do things better each round.

We'd like to share our lessons learned and highlights of this year with you. Socially evolved Siren is transforming the dating app space with its inclusive attitude, relatable Question of the Day, and customizable privacy features.

I learned the worlds of fundraising, pitching, and PR.

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In April we stabilized the code, and in September we opened to Android and web with a major redesign. While these events are currently only being held in Seattle, Siren has plans to expand to other cities soon. Katrina learned the skills to become a COO, product owner, and product manger.

We captured the attention and imagination of the CEO and co-founder of BlogHer, the lead scientist of eHarmony, a founding member of Thiel Foundation, and a multi-startup executive to help guide us.

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And while it seems easier than ever to meet somebody special, the acts of swiping and liking or disliking people based on photos has almost made dating a game — and created a disconnect among the people playing it. People have told us they're trying Siren as their first online dating app ever, while seasoned online daters tell us they've found more connections on Siren than any other platform.

The app wasn't scalable nor stable. You can even search for matches based on their answers to those questions as well as by your preferred criteria like age, gender, and location.

This was the year that we learned how to be a team, how to think about repeatable and scalable strategies, how to follow through or change those strategies, and how to track progress.

There were some dark days where it felt like the doors were closing and the lights were shutting off.

A Pro-People Perspective: Siren Was Created With Everyone in Mind

The overall tone at Siren is one of fun, honesty, and mutual respect. Siren recommends weekly events, and offers discounts to those events, to help daters get offline.

We were named one of the Top 10 startups to watch in Seattle. She said this encourages members to give each other their phone numbers and move the connection offline — and protects people from receiving unwanted pictures.

Katrina and I now had a technical lead with experience and the drive to build something that made a difference in the world.

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While they all handle important aspects of the company from marketing to customer service to graphic design to developmentthey also put users first no matter the task at hand.

This way, true personalities can be revealed naturally — exactly as they would in person. But our community hung on, and our team endeavored.

Creating a platform that gives our members a fighting chance at real connections with someone is what drives us.

Siren Dating App's 2015 Year in Review

Siren is a safe, inclusive, and popular dating app. Our Siren members have been the best guides, giving us insightful feedback, reporting issues and cheering us on. Making Waves Durex, the 1 global sexual health and condom company approached Siren--and only Siren--to partner in their campaign Connect that went viral with over 37M views.

It was friends of friends and total strangers — including men — who were using the app and expressing gratitude for it. We went from a disparate group of contractors flowing in and out to a lean team that got the work of three times as many done.