Flirt Cupcakes PRICING - Voted Edmonton's Best Cupcakes! Flirt Cupcakes PRICING - Voted Edmonton's Best Cupcakes!

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It actually helps bring people closer. For more information, please feel free to book a consultation or contact us!

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Prices vary, please contact us for more information! We would love to be a part of your big day! Monday to Saturday - 11am - 6pm Sunday - Closed. Wit and humor is always welcomed if meted out properly. Full Service Catering Let us take care of all the details, big and small! Please inquire for more information.

You have to master the intricacies of this art of teasing.

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From the outside, teasing seems to be a twisted pleasure: Often thought of as an ostracizing mechanism, teasing is not always harmful. Make it sure that you do not pull his or her leg so much that she takes offense on it.

Tips and Ideas on Teasing While you are teasing, keep few things in mind. Try to be intelligent while you tease.

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Be smart while you sport a bully. Custom cupcakes are an additional cost based on custom work. Teasing is a very articulate way of winning a person's attraction. Overstated tone of voice, extended vowels and unusual facial expressions accompanied with a little laugh just before or after the comment you made may be loved despite the flaw.

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But when you tease always remember that you should stay in your limits. Since the intention behind teasing is a desire to maintain pleasant social relationships, teasers engage in amusing or playful tactics signaling that the criticism should not be taken as a denunciation.

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Voted Edmonton's Best Cupcakes! Delivery outside of the city is available for an additional travel charge.

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Individual Packaging Whether you are planning on giving your guests the cupcakes as favours or you just want to display each cupcake packaged separately, custom packaging is available!

Don't forget we can cater to the special occasions leading up to your big day such as your bridal shower, stag or stagette!

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Don't Forget The Cake Cutting! And we also offer customized cupcakes packaged as wedding favours for your guests! Do not just try to be smart. We Bake Fresh For Your Event Our special event cupcakes and cakes are baked no earlier than 24 hours prior to your event!

Tips and Ideas on Teasing

No Guest Goes Without We pride ourselves on offering a variety of alternative diet options for your guests including gluten free friendly, vegan friendly, and nut free friendly!

Teasing is an all pervasive activity which is a part of an effective communication process in various age groups. Indeed, teasing inhabits a fine and transitory line between aggression and play.

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Mostly prevalent among familiar group members, teasing can also be used among strangers to exchange a few words on friendliness and indirectly express affection. Once you can master the art of teasing, you will have a great time while you flirt.

Teasing while flirting is an exciting experience. Cakes range in size from 4" to 10", with the 6" being the most popular cake topper.

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