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Apparently, he unintentionally killed the pufferfish he bought because he didn't realize that fish need water to survive. A girl wearing a backpack with a smiley face on it Is Snapchat the new Twitter on campus?

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When he tries to get Dom to tell the truth about Yakuza's death, Sam uses the electric chair against him to get him to forget about the event. He stabs Taurtis, tries to poison SoulOwl, takes bribes, laughs at a grieving motherand knowingly causes many of the problems he's forced to resolve later.

After stabbing Taurtis, poisoning Sookie, robbing graves and joining the Yakuza, he never gets punished erykah badu drake dating tips the end. It's never stated if he's part rabbit or he's wearing a bunny hood.

It's unknown if he was joking or not.


Since PufferfishPete shows no interest in raising his childrenTaurtis decides to take as many pufferfish as he can. He goes back and forth from being this and a Villain Protagonistconsidering the worst things he's done throughout the series.

When he's not acting like an Anti-Herohe can be this. He suspects that something's up with ChanYandere getting arrested for Salex's murder. The Alternate Universe that he and his friends go to reveals that his alternate counterpart is eviler than the original.

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Yandere shows him just living with his dad. Though this was a result of Sam pushing him into its mouth. Smarter Than You Look: He's this for Sookie. Or watch the sunrise from a hot air balloon in Cappadocia? After Salex's tragic death, Sam grave-robs her for her uniform and other things. He lampshades how similar his name sounds to "tortoise".

Sam and Grian try to cover it up with wacky antics. He tries to poison SoulOwl he claims he wasn't trying to kill her necessarily so that he could have a chance with Sookie.

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One episode centers around Sam going insane without Taurtis. He acts like this towards Sookie. Despite acting utterly spiteful toward Okami after she started grieving over her lost daughter, Sam never receives any punishment from his Doting Father.

He's very attached to his teddy bear and has a childlike behavior. He doesn't like his classmates for making suicide jokes after Gareth's death. Whenever he does something bad, he never admits that he did anything wrong.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but live video can take you someplace and show you around. Invader gets violently sick after eating Sam's salex.

He's pretty eager to hit Invader, whether or not he's dressed as a girl. Shananana twitter nickname is salexbrown. He abuses Dom, a classmate who used to bully him, after his father forces him on the streets. They both live in the same house and they spend a lot of time together. He's not very good at math.

During his Sanity Slippagehe rocks in a prison cell, muttering Taurtis's name. Rather than go to the nurse's office or hospital after breaking his limbs in Episode 56, he decides that he should go lay down on his bed.

What makes it even better is that he knows that she's a Yandere and is the daughter of the Yakuza leader. He decides to let Yuki go after she's been arrested. He has a hard time keeping things secret.