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That is just unprofessional and childish. The two stars were spotted together sitting next to each other during a match between the LG and Lottee baseball teams. But she also said she was really introverted and not good at ordering people around.

How about you, Taeyeon? Her tears kept on flowing on her eyes. I rarely saw you happy these days. SoYeon - Song For You neoreul saranghae nan neoreul saranghae jeo haessari jeo byeolbichi da haneunnalkkaji nae son jabajullae manheun sewori jinado… i love u ni pume kkok anajullae neoege nan jami deulttaemada nan geuge gunggeumhaejyeo naege neon.

Are you hurt because of Kyuhyun? Also admitted in shows like Idol Maknae Rebellion and All the kpop. She opens the cage, hold it and cuddle it.

Lee Teuk gave her a handkerchief and also water. For some reason actor Park Ki Woong thought it was a smart idea to Tweet support to Ailee when she made her comeback. She told me that she find it cute so she named it gwi yeo weo.

Seohyun, are you hurt? Ga In went to the park and met Jo Kwon there. At that time, I was a fan of TaeYeon.

SMtown Milk Club: A gathering of depressed souls(leeteuk, yoona, taeyeon, yoochun, onew)

In Intimate Note he proved it once again. Hope you like this chapter! We also convince ourselves that we will find the right guy for us. Hee Chul gets a plate and a fork and slices the cake and give a slice for Jessica. Taeyeon is still on her office.

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Lee Teuk was shocked when Taeyeon suddenly hugs him. Joon Yil from 8Eight A rising successful Taeganger. Just go to my room if you will sleep. I will be happy for them. Actually oppa, I also like you.

Next time, I will definitely treat you.

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I should not be sad and enjoy my life. I saw Jo Kwon oppa smiled when he saw your expression. Meanwhile Kyuhyun looks and also greeted Seohyun. Lay from Exo M. Seohyun was shocked because she never told her Mom about it. Thank you for always making me happy. Wooyoung said Taeyeon because he is sensitive to voice and Taeyeon sings well.

She just missed her unnie so she visited Taeyeon.

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Yes Seohyun is here. Seohyun was blushing so she immediately entered their house while Kyuhyun go on his way while smiling.

She finally arrived and knocked on the door. She picked it up. Seohyun only nods while Kyuhyun left the school. You are not like the Ga In nuna I know.

Gasp! Lee Teuk & Tae Yeon Spotted With Same Earring

Unnie, Kyuhyun and Ga In unnie went on a date earlier. Soon, we will end our fake relationship. Eating will help you forget it. Seohyun suddenly looked at him. Girls Generation's Taeyeon and Super Junior's Leeteuk were rumored to be an item when the two were spotted sporting the same black bunny earring.

Lee Teuk oppa Hwaiting! Thank you for this! Likes her more than Suzy and Hyuna.

Gasp! Lee Teuk & Tae Yeon Spotted With Same Earring – seoulbeats

Why is nuna choosing Kyuhyun over me? She search for Hee Chul and she immediately saw him because he was waving his hands. Hyori entered and saw her daughter smiling. She is not behaving the way she does. Looks like I find the right guy for me. Hope she will like it. Seohyun, snap out of it!

Oppa, will you stop showing your beautiful smile to other girls? His fellow members confirmed that Dongjun really did like Taeyeon, gaining interest from fans. Let me try it. They eat to that restaurant. I never expected that he likes me too.

Let me help you with that. What if he rejects me? Oppa, confessed to unnie.