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Nigel points out that they are the least likely swagtastic duo to do hip hop ever on the show, yet they killed it. Jessica and Valerie get to do a Bollywood number together and it really is pretty cool.

Mary thinks that they look stunning and danced like Bollywood divas. Jessica, Ricky, Valerie and Zack were are all in the performance finale. The episode will also feature a performance by a musical act. Valerie is ultimately a tapper so she is paired with all-star Aaron for a smooth performance.

Jesse loved the connection and Nigel loves how this routine touched on many emotions all at once.

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These two are smoking hot together. Mary puts them on the hot tamale train and what could be better than that. Mary thinks she was tremendous and Jesse still has a crush c14 dating pptv Aaron and is thrilled to have seen Valerie tap live.

Katherine is probably one of the best partners for Ricky because they seemed to push each other.

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Jesse thinks they have everything necessary for Bollywood including ungreasy faces so that the jewels stick. Nigel loves how Zack has really grown and taken off in the last sytycd jacques and zack dating divas weeks and Jessica now stands out.

It starts off kind of traditional and ends up on a really funky note. Zack is paired up with Aaron for a tap routine to Piano Man. Jesse says that Zack has taken everything that has been thrown his way and used it to also grow as a tapper.

The lines, extension and leaps are amazing in this. Mary loves how she keeps growing and was electrifying on the stage.

Nigel says that he is full of love tonight because of the great tap choreography. I think that while Jessica was really good, Ricky totally out danced her.

Another standing ovation these evening, this time Valerie. Nigel thinks Jessica is a great actress as well as a great dancer. Mary thought it was funky and fun and Jesse loves them both so much. Jesse thinks it was amazing and he reminds viewers that both Ricky and Valerie have never been weak.

Mary loved the athleticism and style of this number and she thinks they were both uninhibited and amazing.

Jesse thinks that was the best of the night and was totally spectacular.

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Valerie is portraying a blind girl and was amazing. Jessica can do anything and Zack seems really well suited for the stage. I had no clue that Ricky could go so hard and the whole audience is on their feet. If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you. Mary is no longer surprised that both dancers are still there and she loved their honesty tonite.

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Tell us in the comments below! Did you watch the last episode? This is as gorgeous as you would expect it to be. This is the first time maybe ever that I can say I have loved all of the final four.

He adores her and thinks she is the best girl this year. Unfortunately Casey and Jacque went home. Zack and Ricky compete with each other in a crazy hip hop battle to The Antidote that is one of the best things ever seen on this stage.

It was sharp, concise and really good. Jesse Tyler Ferguson is the guest judge.

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Ricky hurt Nigel because he connected with what he did on the stage. Just as perfect is the chemistry. They compliment each other and Nigel points out that they are like puzzle pieces.

Mary thinks Ricky proved tonight why he belongs here. Ricky is paired with Katherine for a Stacey Tookey performance. Jessica and Ricky are up next with a Ray Leiper jazz number. This was crazy and she can dance, not just tap. Jesse tells these two that he believes that either of them could work on Broadway tomorrow.

I love how tap has really been front and center this season.