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The number of threads for Touch was not being saved and stayed at 5 Fixed Pro: Uninstaller now gives option to keep profiles and settings Fixed: If authorization code is reject by cloud service then prompts with error code before prompting again Updated Pro: Will not prompt user for location of other SyncBack if it 100 dpi resolution online dating be found when first run Updated: I love the fine-grained control and also the option to preserve deletions.

Keep up the good work! It really became a tool I use extremely often, it's one of my must have's like 7zip. When using compression, files with a last mod date of were ignored. Backblaze B2 connections not using correct number of upload and download threads Fixed Pro: Exactly what I was looking for and better than I expected!

New Microsoft reparse tag values may cause problems when scanning local OneDrive folders not on cloud Fixed: Will fail to upload file if last modification time is exactly midnight Fixed Pro: The last modified file date and time taken from another setting to avoid rare cases when OneDrive wrongly indicated a file had changed Fixed Pro: Profile settings conversions now protected by mutex to stop multiple SyncBack processes converting profiles at the same time Updated Pro: Keep up the great work!

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If using FTP proxy and prompting for password then failed Fixed: Scanning a OneDrive folder will not cause files to be downloaded Fixed: This was already done automatically on some of the cloud services.

Update check is now every 30 days instead of every 15 days SyncBackPro V7. Simple config, nice features: As time moves on and you enjoy the reliability and ease of use of the software, you might consider moving up to the more powerful commercial versions.

The UI is adequate, with some very minor shortcomings, like not being able to reorder the list of directories being synchronized.

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

About SyncBack With the exploding of digital information, and the demands of data protection increased, many people would make an exact backup for their data or transfer to another safe place in case of data loss. I personally use this software to backup my personal files onto an external hard drive.

Faster scanning when using file and folder selections Updated: Help window was not automatically closed when new SyncBack window closed or opened Fixed Pro: Being free was a real surprise! On this condition, SyncBack as a powerful backup and synchronization tool is designed for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, which comes to help you to Backup, Synchronize and Restore data safely.

I've been using it for more than 3 years now.

SyncBack Free

Uninstall bug multiple prompts and access violation Fixed: Will detect if copying compressed versions and will rename the uncompressed version so it is valid Updated: Works well; can't believe how much quicker it is!

I accomplished what I was trying to do quickly and didn't need to refer to the help file. The right mouse click on gear icons and grid rows, the quick selection change via overview window and space bar, copy and paste of filters and much more.

May fail to download S3 objects that have single quotes in their name Fixed Pro: Improved performance backup email profiles that are run from scheduler or command line Fixed Pro: Backblaze fix to properly return prefixes folders when we navigate through folders Fixed Pro: I was going to make a script but this is much more useful.