Strictly Come Dancing winners Jay and Aliona have Pasodoble 'kiss' | Metro News Strictly Come Dancing winners Jay and Aliona have Pasodoble 'kiss' | Metro News

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My husband and I are moving to Florida.

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With their unrivalled backstage knowledge, Aliona and Jay give us the inside scoop — all Strictly confidential, of course. It always depends on the dance.

Strictly Come Dancing's Alioni Vilani in pictures.

So if you have any concerns you can definitely voice it and if they can help they will. I was a very late addition. If you go through it with other people it makes you all closer. We were so lovey-dovey with each other, it was like a hippy commune backstage.

Jay McGuiness & Aliona Vilani Jive to 'Misirlou'

There is so much pressure on the pros to come up with a concept, choreograph it, teach the celebrity and make sure everything goes to plan. I wanted it to fit with the mood of the dance and the movement.

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Jay — Burning The Midnight Oil The lowest amount of rehearsal time I had for any dance was 12 hours in the week and the most was six hours a day. Then I decided to do one more. A lot of fans say that being able to watch with anyone is what makes it.

'Strictly Come Dancing': The Most Memorable Awkward Moments

You know to always speak as though your grandparents and little sister are watching. I never knew until I watched it back later whether or not I agreed with what the judges said. Aliona — Backstage Bust-Ups If there is anything that goes on, good or bad, on Strictly people always talk about it. I wish I had been there to make up my mind myself as to how serious it was.

But everyone was absolutely fine after a week. We were all holding on to each other for dear life! The fact that Jay and I became such good friends and I loved every single dance was just a bonus.

"It's tomorrow's chip paper."

It was probably only a few months before we started rehearsals. So, last second, everyone was panicking and I had to grab pins and pin them up. You absolutely get a say. But I know some of the people had known they were going to be doing it while the last series was still on.

When you see someone get harsh criticism from the judges for a mistake you understand how that feels. We spoke about starting a family about two years ago.

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I think the woman who looks at who would be a good match gets Christmas off and then gets right back to finding people of interest. Seriously, we got to where we started to dance seconds before and the panic was ridiculous.

I wish I could have rehearsed through the night.

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You want the judges to love what you do, but you also want the 13 million watching to love it. So I knew last year would be it, regardless of what happened.

Reigning champions Jay and Aliona reveal 10 Strictly Come Dancing backstage secrets - Sunday Post

If you watch it back you can see them shining on the bottom of his trousers. I just heard about it later. I thought would be the last one.

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Aliona Vilani is its most successful pro dancer, winning twice during her seven-year stay. Reigning champ Aliona triumphed last year with The Wanted singer Jay McGuiness — and immediately announced she was leaving.

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