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Why does the house shake when there is a thunder storm? During the initial rounds or days of the game, only hire gunmen as they are the best way to defend your house from enemies.

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You have to destroy it when its there, because it wont die after it comes from left to right. At later stages, when the gameplay gets increasingly tough, getting missile silos is a good option.

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It doesn't have any viruses. RM Select the "Cheats" option at the main menu. Cheats for storm the house 3? Just so you know if ANY parent lost custody its because they are unfit at the time The Living Daylights - Shorter day lengths.

What ore the Money cheats for storm the house 2? Good luck with that.

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Storm the House 3 is a very, very addicting game, and even more addicting with the use of cheat codes. Result Code Fisty McBeef punch - goldfinger Unlimited money - diamonds are forever Enemies moonwalk - moonraker More tower slots - octopussy God mode - die another day Unlimited ammunition - from russia with love Full wall - live and let die Shorter days - the living daylights All weapons - the kvsv online dating is not enough Unlimited life - healing the base How to beat Game in Normal campain: Here is a cheat for gun upgrades in Monster House for PS2.

Is there a money cheat code on storm the house 2?

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There is not a money cheat code for the Storm the House 2 game. Okay,the cheat code for the money in Storm The House is: There is no cheats unfortunately but you can download costumes and additional characters in playstation network.

Upgrade fire rate of the laser tower 2 times. Also get all of the wall upgrades.

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I think it takes 1 shot from the machine gun to destroy. But if you can make it to day 35 you can unlock the "hand of god".

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Upgrade fire rate 5 times. What are the cheat codes for storm the house 3? It is an game on the internet where you have to defend your house from stickmen and various other enemies.

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Diamonds Are Forever - unlimited money. Custody are a whole different topic If the Judge sees that the child will be better taken care of financially, physically and emotionally the children will go to whoever is best fit.

ASP first get your money enough to buy a chainsaw and flame thrower then old glory You could even use some quick game tips given below to enhance the game experience.

Game Tips Kill those enemies first that are nearest to your house, and don't forget to reload quickly.

If you have a good army of gunmen, the enemies won't even reach the wall of your house.

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If you actually want to play in the game, just buy all of the weapons and all of the weapon upgrades. Sonic booms cause massive shaking to nearby objects your house. Upgrade accuracy 2 times. A complete repair is only required when you are doubtful about your survival in the next round.

However, try playing the game without cheat codes initially, to get a true, unaltered gaming experience. Die Another Day - god mode.

Now dmg should be maxed. Clark Palmer For those of you who just want to get through the 40 days so you can get the huge fist, use the infinite money cheat and buy all of the gunmen that you can before your fingers get sore. Enter one of the following codes to activate the cheat function.

Once you reach the level wherein you start seeing tanks or enemies with bazookas, try to get the sniper rifle upgrade immediately; it would help you get rid of these without too much shooting or reloading.

The World Is Not Enough - all weapons.

What Are the Cheat Codes for Storm the House 3?

There is a cheat code for killing enemies and getting a weaponcalled, 'the hand of God'. Thunder is a sonic boom that comes from the rapid heating of the air around a lightning strike.

Go to campaign and get all missile turrets and fully upgrade. There are no codes for this game. Storm the House 3 Cheats: Upgrade damage of the laser tower 2 times.

Silos would minimize the task of your gunmen and would ease your efforts too. Today Microchip is Bringing it out some time today So just be pacient: