Stephen Colbert in Hot Water Over ‘Homophobic’ Donald Trump Joke – Variety Stephen Colbert in Hot Water Over ‘Homophobic’ Donald Trump Joke – Variety

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He currently resides in Los Angeles where he runs his acting coaching and media consulting business. I am here to announce that I am considering a run for president inand I thought it would be better to cut out the middle man and just tell the Russians myself.

Overnight, regulations are generally relaxed and investigations are only triggered by public complaints.

Stephen Colbert in hot water with FCC over ‘homophobic’ Trump joke - National |

One Trump supporter who took part in the movement GaysForTrump, tweeted on Wednesday that Colbert's original rant was "homophobic" and "disgusting", while others repeated calls for his sacking. Joke about Trump sparked boycott and calls to fire host During Colbert's monologue on Monday night's show, the host made several jokes about President trump, finishing the segment with a crude remark about Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin engaging in oral sex.

That is a frighteningly inefficient comedy rate in terms of laughs produced to miles traveled. I know what you are thinking, the Ukrainian and Russian shows are masterful ideas, but demographically they are pretty…well…limited.

On Thursday and Friday of last week, he took a hiatus from his talk show to travel all the way to Russia to shoot some comedy bits he will use in later episodes of his program.

The ‘Late Show’ host presented the most political opening to a major award show in recent memory.

Colbert's crude attacks will, ironically, increase Trump's support among the non-East- and -West-Coast followers who elected him in the first place. It begs the question though, is New York so devoid of comedic material that poor Colbert has to fly half way around the world to dig up some Boris and Natasha level cold war comedy on his rinl tenders dating for giggles?

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During the day, during "safe harbor" hours, the FCC actively polices the airwaves for "indecent" and "obscene" material. For instance, you could have all of the future Ukrainian presidential hopefuls come to your New York studio and declare their intentions to run for office. It is time for Colbert to join Bill O'Reilly on the podcast circuit or perhaps Billy Bush on the bus and turn the "Late Show" over to an adult -- one who understands that the institution of the presidency belongs to the American people and will always demand a level of respect that is clearly beyond Stephen Colbert's comprehension.

Anyway, I have an idea that has the potential to save you precious time and travel expenses in your never-ending pursuit of comedy gold. If found in violation of FCC rules and regulations, "The Late Show" host and his show may be required to pay heavy fines to the Commission.

The FCC definition includes remarks that appeal to "an average person's prurient interest" or that "depict or describe sexual conduct in a 'patently offensive' way; and, taken as a whole, lack serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value".

Stephen Colbert accused of homophobia over joke aimed at Trump

Some have even started organizing boycotts of " The Late Show " sponsors and are encouraging others to contact those sponsors directly.

What's more, network TV is not a dark corner of the Internet where the rules of fundamental decency can be cavalierly abandoned in the quest for higher ratings.

Therefore I am going to share my brilliant scheme with him directly. Critics said the Republican's so-called joke was pandering to anti-Mexican stereotypes. CBS could be fined if it decides that Colbert's joke was indecent. What counts as 'indecent'? Top Videos of the Day Pai explained that the change in course over how to handle Colbert's remarks came after he received more information, and after the FCC received a greater number of complaints.


You will start that topic off by doing a Vietnam bit that will kill. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case, as the Chair of the Federal Communications Commission FCC told media this morning that an official investigation is now underway, a contradiction of what was said previously.

Suggest a correction to this article After Stephen Colbert admitted to having regrets about an off-color joke earlier this week, he likely assumed the matter was finished.

Mark Twain, perhaps the greatest American political satirist, wrote in of wanting to dig up celebrated author Jane Austen's corpse and beat her over the skull with her own shin-bone.

However, Colbert could escape a fine on the basis that The Late Show airs at If you're offended, don't watch Danny Cevallos Paul, I agree with you on a lot of your points.

He should be fired for his stupidity!! While in Moscow, Colbert appeared on a Russian late-night television show hosted by Ivan Urgant that, like its American counterpart, is also very aptly titled, Evening Urgant.

Late Show host Stephen Colbert to be investigated over Trump joke | SBS News

For his part, Colbert spoke about the issue on Wednesday night, telling his audience that while he doesn't regret the joke, he "would change a few words that were cruder than they needed to be. Click to read more and watch the video or.

But television -- and particularly late-night television -- has only been around for a few generations.

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Unlike cable wires and Wi-Fi router signals, the broadcast signals of the "Tiffany Network" are a franchise on temporary loan from the public. As The Late Show is pre-taped, the editors had also bleeped out the most offensive language before it was broadcast.

The secret story of how American advisers helped Yeltsin win.

Stephen Colbert offends with 'homophobic' Trump joke

Last night, Colbert's rant against Trump was not funny, but unamerican and inexcusable!! A Twitter account devoted to getting Colbert sacked was set up on 3 May under the handle firecolbert. The announcement of an investigation into language used by a late night show is extremely rare, as the hours between 10 p.

Almost immediately, backlash against the joke was felt online with thousands of posters calling the piece both "un-American" and "homophobic. The opinions expressed in this commentary are his. Follow him on Twitter paulcallan.

Stephen Colbert Takes Victory Lap After Donald Trump Calls Him “No Talent Guy” With “Filthy” Mouth

Former Republican Governor and presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee argued that Colbert should be protected by the First Amendment, which enshrines the right to free speech in the US.

The Middle East is a region that is particularly ripe with the delicious comedy fruits of US intervention that you can pluck to hysterical effect. I think I have a better idea, and since Colbert is so interested in all things Russia I assume he must be an avid RT reader.

Do you want to target the Asian audience?

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The FCC's website claims it does not take action against sexually explicit content aired after those hours, to safeguard "constitutionally-protected free speech rights of adults".

He then offered an olive branch to the LGBT community, saying: Humor has always been biting. But here's the thing: You're right that Johnny Carson represents a more civil, gentle era of late-night television.

Television is just relatively new; it took a while to catch up. Colbert, I think you should do a whole Latin America week, where you host potential candidates from all across Central and South America where the US has consistently undermined democracy. They see in Colbert's actions a particularly egregious example of the media conspiracy against the President, orchestrated by arrogant, self-centered elites.

The 5 May celebration commemorates Mexico's military victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla in