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Live the Glamorous Life of an A-List Celebrity in Tinseltown!

He pays more but gives you long projects. What should I do? If you can impress them enough, you might be able to go on a date. Read for more information about doing this.

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If you didn't quit but can't find Warren, check other Starbeans in different locations. She had the no, the face, the voice and a singing voice.

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Just don't let it all go to your head; fame and fortune have their prices as well. See download page for specific requirements. You can sort the tables below by Bonus Stars or any other column for your convenience.

You can get many fans.

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OSX is currently not getting anymore updates at this time. The file to download says it's reached its limit and is this cheat still working? Is there any way to earn free stars?

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Each level has its own goals to it, so level up and see if you get any more goals. Friends and colleagues of Fawcett publicly expressed their outrage at the oversight including Ryan andand film critic.

You can also gain bonuses by adopting pets, so make sure you adopt as many as you can.

‘Stardom: Hollywood’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Pick a gender, hair style, hair color, face, and preferred style of dress. By dating some of the hottest celebrities you can earn more bonus points, especially if the paparazzi take photographs of you and your date.

If they are still wanting to break up afterwards, devote some serious time to dating and put off filming for now. Thank you for visiting Star-domhollywood.

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It is a fairly active forum with a nice community to discuss the game with or ask questions about issues or concerns. Once you gain fans, you will want to do what you can to get yourself known: The contacts list can be very buggy, but those contacts do eventually disappear.

Game Description Welcome to Hollywood!

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However, sometimes you may have finished all the goals you can for the level you are at. Use Facebook friends when playing on an Android device.

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You're about to live the dream life in Hollywood. When you start off the game, stardom hollywood dating walkthrough will get to pick stardom hollywood dating walkthrough a male or a female wannabe-celebrity. Remember that you can only invite anyone that has the same list with you, or lower list with you.

Stages Of Dating In Stardom Hollywood

You will also start to see cute cats outside of your apartment. Meet the most influential people in Tinseltown and expand your network of friends and contacts.

Well, i only got 1, fans. For more technical questions, check glu's FAQ if needed.

Stardom hollywood dating

Complete quests and accomplish all of your given tasks quickly. Buy new clothes and fully accentuate your style. Max is the second agent you can have in Stardom:

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