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The Superior Works - Patrick's Blood & Gore: Planes #12 - #20 1/2

The beveled edge of each block is very crudely finished, with telltale remnants of the sawing clearly visible. Stanley musta kicked themselves in the butt for not offering this one earlier, but better late than never was the master plan back then.

A lot of these planes are broken about the vertical rib, so stanley plane logo dating was a weak design that was soon dropped. It is machined flat. Check that the small thumb screw, below the adjusting wheel, that locks the sole's adjustment in place is a finely knurled one and not slotted.

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Pressing it firmly downward, push it away from your body, and watch 3" wide shaving curl from the wood. The holder consists of a captive lever cap, which is fastened to another casting that pivots at its bottom, located above the tool's mouth. There are more breaks in the numbering sequence.

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It has a flexible steel sole which can be made concave or convex by manually bending it. The iron has the Victor line's characteristic "perforated" iron, where a series of holes are arranged linearly to fit into a pin carried by an adjusting arm.

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Despite his words, Starscream had been thoroughly shaken by his ordeal. It is machined flat. Stanley had a concept going with aluminum and steel, and they were obsessed to apply it to as many planes as they could in their attempt to make the mundane extraordinary when in reality they actually made the bland blander.

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The lever cap is machined and finished as before, with the notched rectangle's background japanned. There's not really much to be watchful over as far as damage is concerned on these tools other than chips or cracks in the castings, which any iron tool can suffer. Not worth much without a crack for that matter, unless it's special and collectable in some way.

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The rod is driven into the main casting from one direction only so if you have to drive it out, and it's not budging, flip it over and drive it from the other side. This rod pierces a raised rectangular portion of the main casting, and carries two brass nuts that sandwich this portion.

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Now you're an instant expert, or maybe you just look like one, without your having sent away for a tool diploma offered by some matchbook cover correspondance school.

The top is more a flattened arch-shape. The size of the plane stocke. The metal corners were added to keep the box's corners from splitting apart, which must have pissed off all the guys what stored their tools in their original boxes.

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This is identical to the previous logo, except the heart and "S. New iron design, where the circular hole is now located toward the cutting edge, instead of the top.

The sales of the mechanically adjustable models probably account for this as they cut into the sales of this model once the mechanical ones made their debut.

These new logos are know as the "sweetheart" logo in the tool collecting biz. Apart from the forks on the cap, the early-style cap can easily be distinguished from the improved design by the number of parts it has - the early one only has a two-part cap.

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Place the shavings in a jar, take them into work, and amaze your pals during deipnosophistic lunchtime banter. It's like they did half the work, but all for nothing.

The toothing cutters came in 22, 28, and 32 teeth per inch. This is located below the frog, and engages a fork that is screwed to the frog.

These planes are somewhat scarce, but no one really cares as they don't command a real premium. Yet another block plane! A change to the fastening method was made to solve this - it is a dovetailed piece from the sole to the body.

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So far, that is. It's strange that on the examples I've seen, the hole is tapped for the screw in the bottom casting, but the frog isn't.

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The reason for the assembly being a bit longer on this plane is because of the rosewood sole. This is the first break in the numbering sequence, and the reason for it went to the grave with all them old Stanley employees. Grip both ends of the turned handle with each hand, with the two brass adjusting screws oriented toward your body.

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Hardwood handles painted black. The top is more a flattened arch-shape. These also make great paint scrapers. The screw holes are located in the grooves.

The 'spoon' portion of the lever cap, then, is oriented upward, and fits into the palm, making for good, sure grip of the plane during use.

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Many examples have a foundry number "73", "71" cast into the bed, between the frog receiver and the tote. On some examples, repeated use breaks the sole around the screws.

If you can see the pin, the casting is broken. A large number of these planes can be found with the solid adjusting nut and no lateral adjustment lever.