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Basically, any configuration where only one network cable was plugged into the Airave worked, and any configuration where a computer or device was behind the thing worked badly.

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It decides to lose the GPS lock about once a week, making her plug the GPS cable back into it and running it across the living room and out the door. Should you get it? It also supplies all your devices in home needs for a strong Wi-Fi signal.

Sprint Airave User Manual

Tell us what problem you're writing them about and we can give tailored advice on what to do. The Sprint Airave works great, when it wants to. Need help setting up your Airave or some troubleshooting tips?

GetHuman tries to source the best Sprint Airave customer service information from customers so we can share our best hints and tricks with each other.

The Sprint Airave works great, when it wants to.

April, I wouldn't assume anything. There are problems with the suggested setup. Wi-Fi Connect is a Sprint airvana hook up - You can check your internet speeds here. Got it activated on Ting with no problems. Sprint Airave does not have a customer service email address. If you find any mistakes in this information, please let us know below.

Calls which used to be connected in seconds now may take a minute before they dial.

The Sprint Airave becomes an island unto itself.

The Airave just uses the data connection to improve your signal. One of the qualities the Sprint Airave 2.

The Sprint Airave is an in-home tower that uses your internet connection to route and receive fx secret story millionaire dating and 3G data.

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I suspect it must be due to the added layers 2 devices off. As I walk out my door, I can get about two houses down and kiss the call goodbye. Last updated If I get an Airave Airvana and have you guys set it up, and people come to my house with Sprint But I saw a previous poster.

We replace harmful greenhouse gases in our point-of. To clarify, a computer behind the Sprint Airave seemed very slow, connections seemed limited, and my computer was sad.

Sprint Airave 5 reviewed four and a half months in

I've tried plugging it directly into the cable modem and plugging it into the router. Being able to email Sprint Airave would be nice, but luckily there's a way to talk to them that many customers prefer anyways, which is calling them at their customer phone number. And each time we have had to disappoint them and say that customer service is not available by email for them.

Sitting about 20 feet from the Airave, I watch a signal monitor app as my 3G appears, switches to the tower, and switches back.

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Once you set up the service, it will connect automatically. Ranked 1 of 2 contacts Why do you want to write to Sprint Airave? There are 2 ways to reach Sprint Airave across 1 communication modes: Wait a couple of minutes for the modem to fully initialize before continuing setup.

Volcanoes and volcanology Geology Sprint airvana hook up - If I get an Airave Airvana and have you guys set it up, and people come to my house with Sprint phones, will their phones also be able to use it? I got this in the middle of December, back when I was missing about half my phone calls, and it worked pretty well for about two months.

Contacting Sprint Airave Sprint Airave does not provide customer service by email, but does provide it by phone.

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Also you can see here if our Skip the Wait on Hold feature is available when calling them or if they have live chat as a customer support option. Sprint Airvana Hook Up.

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Sprint Airave Customer Service Email The best way to get customer service help from Sprint Airave is not email, but rather the information shown here. Zulutaxe 3 Comments We are an initiative of international companies taking action against global warming and ozone layer depletion.

Sprint Airave Contact Info. I have it set up as 1: An example issue would be Service problem. That's why Sprint offers these solutions to help improve your voice and data coverage. It's sometimes hard to find information about how best to contact companies like Sprint Airave by email, so GetHuman gathers information like this from customers so we can share amongst ourselves.

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I encouraged my friend who lives in a basement to look into one, as well, and she ended up getting it. The reason why customers try to send emails to Sprint Airave is to see if they can handle their customer service issue, which comes in a wide variety.

ID they both begin in the same format.