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So ji sub dan lee yeon hee dating, 5 thoughts on “so ji sub (feat. soul dive, newday) – so ganzi (black)”

Detective Kang Oh Soo flirt word means to keep assigned to two seemingly unrelated murder cases, where the only clues left behind are tarot cards.

Dec 06 1: You look so beautiful in this drama, and your chemistry with JungYongHwa is so amazing. The Package made it to my list of fav Korean dramas of The story touches on slice of life and you learn many life lesson along the journey.

Seriously, they could easily win Best Couple of the Year!

So Ji Sub defends Lee Yeon Hee's acting

I'm already missing my Yonghee couple in the drama. I found your act was so awkward in Phantom.

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It seems that she finally found her turning point and her life role as Yoon Soso, a tour guide in The Package. Jang Dong Woo, the youngest brother, was adopted by a rich family when he was a baby, and is being groomed as the heir to a casino empire.

I'm starting missing you and YongHwa now.

[NEWS] So Ji Sub defends Lee Yeon Hee’s acting | Daily K Pop News

Xu Xu Wang Zi Wen is a new criminal profiler. You look so beautiful, I love your voice and your eyes, n you actually you has a cute dimple on your left cheek. He is lead to Seo Hae In, a quiet librarian who has the ability to make a psychic connection to an object to discover its history.

The one common link between the suspects is their defense attorney, Oh Seung Ha, a young lawyer with questionable motives.

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He also has the uncanny ability to tell where the victims of his cases died—and how they died—based on their blood's smell and taste. You're a great actress, I am amaze how you did great as your character Yoon Soso. Thereafter, the two become a powerful detective force solving murders across Japan.

Will father and son be able to set aside their bitter past — and different personalities when it comes to dating — and work together? In the middle of an experiment, the murder of two graduate students occurs, but how did the killer enter and leave the closed research room? Rather than drinking blood from innocent strangers, he opts for blood sold on the black market in the posh bars of Seoul.

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I can see it when you smile at YongHwa. Unfortunately, when it comes to matters of the heart, the usually brilliant Xu Xu is slow as a snail.

Assigned to the cyber investigations unit, Detective Kim finds himself entrenched in an intense cat and mouse game. Meanwhile, Seo nurtures a protegee, businessman Michael Jang, whose greed and ambition soon makes him challenge his mentor for the top spot. Determined to make his own mark, he breezes through police academy, racking up accolades, top of the class honors, a lot of praise and perhaps a few green eyes along the way.

Together, they solve murder cases, and Tae Yeon must use his "powers" to find leads on seemingly unsolvable cases. The only person who knows of his secret ability is Detective Hwang Soon Bum. With hindsight and foresight on their side, can these detectives catch the depraved culprit, or are 10 women—including a year-old grandmother and year-old girl—forever lost?

Pls learn more to convey various expression. But who do you chase when all your enemies are faceless?

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Find out how everything is more connected than you think in this suspenseful thriller. So unfortunate when see your long filmography, but still no improvement.

But in reality, they are actually one of the most competent duos in the Major Crimes Team, solving one case after another. She reveals to him that the victims were connected to the death of a high school boy years ago.

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His greatest hope is to find his two brothers again and for the siblings to finally be reunited. It's easily one of the best Kdramas for me in With only their wits and poker faces at their disposal, can the team complete their missions without blowing their covers in hostile territory?

When Detective Yurine Tomohisa Okada Masaki is assigned to the case, he's not only got to solve the crime, but is also challenged with managing Akagi and his team of eccentrics. After the coolheaded cop is sent to Tokyo to conduct a joint investigation with bad boy detective Maruo Kudo Hiro MizushimaTakakura discovers his most challenging case: A clash of wills, fortunes, and egos commences.

They end up working together in a new joint department between police and prosecutors solving murder cases. Dec 07 1: Amongst all her partners she had worked with, i find that yonghwa matches her the best. Their romance in the drama was pretty hot especially the ep.

I am your fan now, will always support you, Hwaiting! Prosecutor Kang Do-yoon gets entangled into their dealings when one of their plots gets his beloved sister murdered, a crime for which his father then gets framed. Moe Nishinosono becomes determined to solve the mystery and lures Sohei Saikawa to help her case.

The chemistry was there, and I miss this couple already! I hope you and YongHwa would have another project drama together. They meet again twenty years later, but unaware of their blood ties, their ill-fated paths converge on casino territory where they find themselves at odds with each other.