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Assuming the given point does not lie on either of the axes, there are two cooridnates: Two perpendicular real axes in the plane define a rectangular planar Cartesian coordinate system. With a Cartesian system in place, any point in the plane is associated with an ordered pair of real numbers.

"el sistema coordenado"

The programme should be well coordinated with other donor initiatives on ICT and sustainable energy. Complex internet dating charts facts are points in the plane endowed with additional structure.

Este foi um plano bem coordenado. The number associated with a point is called its coordinate. I support the idea that lifting these measures needs to be well timed and coordinated with national governments.

Then you saw what a well-coordinated attack it was.

"sistema coordenado" in English

We shall build on their work, and this year, we and the Finns have a well-coordinated joint operational programme on the basis of which we shall conduct our presidencies in tandem.

In general, what the EU Member States are doing in the political negotiating processes in the General Assembly is quite well coordinated. Ms Riera noted that "Europe is playing a pioneer role" with "an efficient and well-coordinated astronomy programme" but it is also "our task to make young people aware of the importance of science".

The selected point is called the origin.

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So, thank you once again for your efforts, and I hope the whole House will work hard to find a good coordinated effort.

We are interested in the coordinates of the points of intersection of the two lines with the axes. Apoio a ideia de que o levantamento dessas medidas deve ser programado e bem coordenado com os governos nacionais. I would, though, like to say that I see the European Union's - Europe's - role as having been a good one and one that was also well coordinated.

These are the two numbers associated with the point. Usually, but not always, one of the two axes is horizontal, the other vertical; their positive directions are to the right and upwards.

Espero que isso esteja a ser bem coordenado e articulado. Otherwise, it may be called a number or real axis.

Cartesian Coordinate System

This morning, a well-coordinated cyber attack Took down civil communication systems in the d. Their common point is taken to be the origin for both of them and the two unit lengths are commonly equal. This is a very coordinated plan. In case of a real axis and its origin, the rays are known as the positive and negative half-axes.

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Put in place a well coordinated national statistical system. To obtain these number, we draw to lines through the point parallel and hence perpendicular to the axes. I hope that this has been well coordinated and well thought out.

The well-coordinated development of the transport sector is crucial to sustainable development and to retaining and creating stable jobs. We need to make sure our work is well coordinated and coherent, but we must also capitalise on our respective strengths. Cartesian Coordinate System A straight line with an associated direction, a selected point and a unit length is known as the number line, especially when the numbers of interest are integers.

What we need is a well-coordinated system of organ donation and transplantation.