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Singles: Flirt up your Life - Walkthrough

Skills Scholars Cap Icon: Or you could just buy stuff. The erotic needs go from full to zero in 48 hours of game time. Frosties are suspicious, inconsiderate and confrontational. Rock legend Bert 1: Charismatic and clever, he cannot hide a bitter streak.

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Left click to place the item. Not Wearing Anything Towel: Use the toilet to satisfy. You also need to look after the characters' personal hygiene.

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Search for the "characterConditionValues" section, then change the following values which range from 0 to 9: The TV hate will decrease the fun need. Three are common to all characters: Pair up a mixture of personalities and try get them to work together.

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Has discovered greetings cards and candlelit dinners. Be sure to alternate repairs between the characters to avoid trouble. You can change back into 'Decorating Mode' if you want to buy more furniture or do the place up a bit.

Singles: Flirt Up Your Life Game ScreenShots

Him indicates the male or pink mode character, Her indicates the female or rainbow mode character. Characters that like gossip get a larger increase, characters that hate gossip get a lesser increase. Flirt Up Your Life offers a good selection of singles for you to select with their own vibe and feel.

Find what's fun and chill.

Singles: Flirt Up Your Life Rankings & Opinions

I just want to make sure you do your share of the cooking and cleaning. You can try to keep the development of the four categories even, but its not necessary to do so as long as you don't ignore one or more of them completely. Friendly people experience faster changes to the romantic aspect of the relationship need.

She doesn't mind them, but she's not too keen on them either. In the morning when the characters first get up, have the first one use the toilet and was their hands at the sink.

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Manufacturer's Description Singles by German development team Rotobee, lets players control the lives of Linda and Mike, two very different people, apartment sharing in a busy European city. Walk to the question mark by the male character to see the following text: Left click on the oven and select "Cook" to have the character prepare a meal.

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A positive relationship between the couple will start from friendship, moving to flirting, intimacy and finally eroticism. There are over 16 different characters to choose from and customise, their varying personalities and careers having a constant effect on their everyday needs, their favourite activities and the kinds of relationships they prefer.

Some of the dialogs for the romanctic, sensuality, and friendship, plotlines can be missed if certain conditions are not met, but this doesn't prevent obtaining the marriage objective.

Characters required 6 full circles in either the romantic or the sensuality relationship to share a double bed. Now wiggle that mouse about a bit baby.

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The career names for each level will vary between the different characters: Both characters should put on their formal or casual attire and go to work.

How they interact and get on is totally up to the player.

Singles - Flirt Up Your Life Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

The first thing you should be for the flat is a vacuum the least expensive one from the study submenu in decorate mode. Friendship also rises when both characters are sharing a meal.

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Have the first character use the toilet, and wash their hands, while the second character cooks dinner. Playful Singles are emotional, unconventional, and interested in arty things.

If the story has been complete you can left click on the stairwell in the flat and select "Go to the beach house" to get both characters to go the the villa.