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There is a hidden skill trait called Pyromaniac. None Spend more time cooking, cleaning, and painting with better results. Vegetarian Never eat meat which makes them ill.

None Hate computers and TVs and have negative reactions to them. Edit Grumpy Increases the negative effect of all debuffs; buffs are unaffected.

None Hates the Outdoors Hate the outdoors and want to stay inside as much as they can.

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Need to be outside more often. Unlucky Have really bad luck. None Neat Always find time to clean, regardless of mood. If you pair Hopeless Romantic with Family-Oriented, this Sim will probably want to have many romantic moments with his or her spouse.

Live longer than other Sims. Have trouble getting fully rested. Get positive moodlets for being outside.

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The Genius trait also increases the chance a Sim will win a game of chess, and increases his take from a successful hack at a computer if the Sim is also has the Computer Whiz trait. Can eat spoiled and burnt food without negative side effects.

This trait is incompatible with Light Sleeper. This one can be a lot of fun paired with Disciplined and Evil, allowing the Sim to basically just pick fights all day long for his own amusement.

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Edit Gatherer Increases the chance the Sim will find rare ores, gems, insects, and other collectables around the town. Remember that a high Logic skill also increases the speed of learning other skills, so a Sim with Genius indirectly can learn all skills faster than normal. Stolen objects are tagged with the objects origin.

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That means these Sims are often in a bad mood and have a tough time staying happy, indirectly hurting their job performance at conventional careers. Hot Headed Get angry quickly. None Green Thumb Best Gardeners. Perfect for painters and writers.

This trait is compatible with all others, including Hates the Outdoors for some reason.

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They will wear formal going to bed and can catch fish in swimming pools. This trait is incompatible with Eco-Friendly and Loves the Outdoors.

Get 4 hours of consecutive sleep and receive a "Feeling Lucky" moodlet which staves off misfortunes such as burglaries, fires, and objects breaking. Sims with the Good-trait are the ultimate team players, best used for families.

Have random response to marriage proposal, no matter how high the relationship. Kleptomaniac Permanently borrow things from work, school or neighbor's homes.

Hopeless Romantic Trait

Have the "Clean House" interaction. Complain more often and rarely win at games. Heavy Sleeper Snore, sleep through any situation. Neurotic Sims can use a "Freak Out" interaction to disrupt other Sims, then receive the "Tranquil" moodlet when done.

Can make up a missed shift by working from home.

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Objects used by Slobs are dirtier than objects used by other Sims. Never turn down compliments. Have a self- interaction to "Freak Out" which gives them a mood boost.

Love mirrors and expensive objects, always accept compliments regarding a relationship. Insane React to events unpredictably.

Their kisses are more readily accepted and their kisses have bigger and more positive effects on a relationship. This trait is incompatible with Evil.

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Have a hard time repairing TVs and computers and a hard time learning the Writing skill. More receptive to romantic socials and get an environment boost when in the same room with their love interest. Hydrophobic Terrified of Swimming.

Edit Insane This Sim exhibits unpredictable behavior, including wearing whatever outfit he wants to regardless of the situation.

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Very hard to impress. Loser Encounter woe and misfortune throughout their life. Always want to do other things besides watch TV for entertainment. This trait is incompatible with Grumpy. It can be gained only through genetics. None Mean Spirited Love to fight.

Not everyone likes a Mooch.