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Search results were extremely fast, although we wish each new search automatically spawned a new tab. Shareaza search dating includes a complete media player for your music and videos.

Hided all CDownloadWithSources member variables. Media Player - unlike some peer-to-peer software's media players, Shareaza's completely bypasses corruption and merges file chunks into one, creating a previewable video from virtually any amount of downloaded segments.

While we are working to resolve the matter, any help to contain this would be appreciated.

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Fixed filtering by extension filtering by keywording kept Test. Fixed collection file locking.

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The only information that made it this far, was that it was down due to personal problems with shareaza search dating owner of the server machines. Indeed, the operators of iMesh even tried to trick people into thinking that the reputable GRC site endorsed the iMesh client — an assertion which is completely untrue.

Shareaza catalogs your files for you and stores them in a searchable library, giving you easy access to them. Fixed search window slow refresh after sanity check.


As this process is P2P exclusively, there is no index page to at least give you a hint of what might be out there. Previews, users comments, and ratings. Fixed crash when large amount of files launched simultaneously Added support for bit integer to CTag.

Get picture and movie previews right from the search panel. Added schema checking for r Fixed metadata loss when download complete added CLibraryFile:: Search the entire network, not just a part of it.

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Shareaza has the ability to preview your incomplete audio and video files. Fixed COM interface leak introduced in r Shareaza has a complete ratings system so you can tell people about your favorite files or warn others about misnamed files. The ability to 'skin' the interface, allowing users to change its appearance.

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Don't load ED2K server lists older than 90 days. Image service objects now thread independent and cacheable. The program has a very user-friendly interface where you can display search results in a separate window and preview the contents of files.

The sharing model that Shareaza uses is more suited to a local network environment, like an office building.

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Refactored working thread code. Shareaza detects and fixes corruption before the download completes.

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It now appears the known scamsite Shareazaweb. Enhanced HTTP logging chat, browser, handshake. Added some oleautomation attributes to use internal OLE marshaling. Shareaza has English interface. Extend the functionality of Shareaza with plug-in modules, the sky is the limit.

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Fixed search window concurrent sanity checks. In the application, there is plugins installation provided, with the help of which you extend its capabilities.

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Enhanced BitTorrent tracker logging. Added banning by all hashes, Enabled search window file ban Code: BitTorrent, eDonkey, Gnutella, Gnutella2.

Shareaza Software - Free Download shareaza - Top 4 Download

Shareaza is easy to use; we had no trouble quickly figuring out how to search, check our network status, and customize the interface through a healthy choice of skins.

Adjusted minimum length filter of G1 packet. You are able to search more than one network, which means you will find more users and files.

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Unlike Shareaza — which is abslutely free and has a reputation for being non-profit and shunning involvement with money — the hijackers are touting a subscription based product.