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Projects Internship Projects group and individualan important segment of the SEO Program, help students gain hands-on experience with social enterprises.

Venkatachaliah lauded the CII initiative farmer iowa dating emphasized on the need to close the gap in the expectations between the Corporates and NGOs and learn from each other.

A month long campaign to promote open schooling which included street plays, radio jingles and interaction with Open School students from Spastics Society Pathways to Solutions for Change: A social enterprise that seeks to eradicate poverty by providing access to micro credit for livelihoods in underserved communities Online Course CSIM offers online training program on Social entrepreneurship.

The program consists of interactive classroom sessions and experiential learning through projects.

Centre for Social Initiative and Management

Student Profile Enrolments to the SEO Program over the years have reflected the growing aspiration among people from all walks of life to make a difference in society. The study enabled the commission to provide childcare services in various districts and taluks, to enable greater participation of women under the scheme Kirti Vardhana, Batch 5 Hippocampus: A not-for-profit entity which works for empowerment of persons with disability Mother Earth: Sudarshan stressed on developing Public-Private-People partnerships for sustainability of NGOs and mentioned his success at BR Hills was largely due to the active tie up his organisation had with the Government.

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Corporates have a lot to learn from non-profits and vice versa. Industree Crafts Pvt Ltd. The objective of this program is to find a good common middle ground to bridge this gap.

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A social enterprise working on a hybrid model to improve artisanal livelihoods, Rang De: Awareness Building CSIM Bangalore organizes awareness events with the objective of triggering social consciousness among citizens.

The faculty roster of the SEO Program has been systematically expanded each year to provide a diverse perspective to students on core themes related to managing social enterprises in different sectors. Sudarshan and moderated by Mr.

Many of the faculty members are recipients of the prestigious Ashoka Fellowship, which is awarded to leading social entrepreneurs who have innovative solutions to social problems and the ability to change patterns in society.

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Murali Vullaganti, Rural Shores, Mr. Conceptualizing and implementing The Story Houra dedicated weekly radio show for story tellers and listeners, produced by Radio Active, supported by Hippocampus and anchored by children: Capacity Building CSIM Bangalore has established itself as a training institution of repute in the social sector through its short-term, high-impact training program — the Social Entrepreneurship Outlook Program SEO Program Social Entrepreneurship Outlook Program The SEO Program has three primary objectives 1 to provide an overview of the social sector 2 to promote an entrepreneurial approach to social change 3 to impart leadership and management skills required to convert ideas into action and impact.

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Curriculum Classroom sessions are conducted on themes related to leadership, management and entrepreneurship, statutory and governance requirements and specific sector focused issues.

The themes covered in these issues were Education, Eldercare and Healthcare.

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Students of the SEO Program and members of the CSIM Social Entrepreneurship Club take the lead in organizing events which showcase exemplary work being done by Social Partnerships with Academic Institutions CSIM has initiated steps to partner with academic institutions in order to inculcate a desire for social change and action among members of the student community.

Students also get an opportunity to network with stakeholders in the social enterprise eco-system. Faculty Recognizing that experience sharing is the most effective way of imparting practical management skills, CSIM has been inviting founders of social enterprisesentrepreneurs and consultants to conduct classroom sessions.